Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days


How about a google sheet where everybody can fill in his results. Ordered by date


One can come and delete it… Aint ok…


Best is to keep your stat. As in tc20 Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

Just bookmark your previous post and reqoute it, edit it. Etc…


Ok, ill go through and do that. I actually don’t have my TC 20 up and running yet on a unrelated note. I have my stronghold up to 20, but I’m pulling up another TC to 19 before i lose my first for 4 days, plus research.


I once had 2 dark chests at same time. 1 was in monsters spot the 2nd was in titans spot. I LOVED it.


I’ve wondered if that would ever happen.


I’ve been tracking my elemental chest frequency for over year now, but never the rewards. Wish I had though if only to prove these chests were nerfed.

Having tracked it for over a year, I would recommend not spending any time trying to analyze it. The ranges have varied so significantly that I sincerely believe it is totally random. I’m likely going to stop tracking at this stage. I have enough WE flasks that if I am ever surprised by one I can just use the flask :slight_smile:

Good luck all who continue to chase this.


Thanks. It aint about we flasks, but more the minimum time between spawns.

I never had two elems chests at the same time as posted above. If thats true then its totally random and chaotic.

I’ll post mine like in tc20. There’s aint such a big effort and keeps track of it.

Date Colour Days 4*am 3*am EHT ETT Gems
03nov18 dark - 1 1 - 1 20
15dec18 fire - - 2 - - 30
27dec18 natureH 12 - - - 1 30
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -


Can confirm 2 chests at the same time. Once in 9 month.


Was they same color like mine was??

ItemName Type dateappear DateDiff
Ice Chest Ice 5/5/2018 0
Fire Chest Fire 5/18/2018 13
Dark Chest Dark 5/24/2018 6
Ice Chest Ice 6/7/2018 14
Nature Chest Nature 6/13/2018 6
Fire Chest Fire 6/25/2018 12
Ice Chest Ice 7/5/2018 10
Nature Chest Nature 7/17/2018 12
Holy Chest Holy 7/24/2018 7
Fire Chest Fire 7/28/2018 4
Dark Chest Dark 8/4/2018 7
Fire Chest Fire 8/14/2018 10
Ice Chest Ice 8/21/2018 7
Ice Chest Ice 8/29/2018 8
Dark Chest Dark 9/4/2018 6
Dark Chest Dark 9/11/2018 7
Holy Chest Holy 9/17/2018 6
Holy Chest Holy 9/21/2018 4
Nature Chest Nature 9/27/2018 6
Holy Chest Holy 10/1/2018 4
Ice Chest Ice 10/10/2018 9
Dark Chest Dark 10/19/2018 9
Nature Chest Nature 10/27/2018 8
Holy Chest Holy 10/31/2018 4
Nature Chest Nature 11/10/2018 10
Holy Chest Holy 11/19/2018 9
Dark Chest Dark 11/25/2018 6
Holy Chest Holy 12/2/2018 7
Fire Chest Fire 12/7/2018 5
Holy Chest Holy 12/15/2018 8
Nature Chest Nature 12/22/2018 7
Ice Chest Ice 12/27/2018 5

Holy crap I can copy and paste directly from excel and it formats it as a table?!?!? Whoa


yep, you can :smile:


Unfortunately I cant remember. Didnt track it then.


28dec18ice dragon bone, sturdy shield, orb, time stop, 2 seasonal tokens, 1 summons token, 3 loot tix, 1 titan flask, 1* light trainer hero, 5 atlantis tokens, 50 gems. I don’t know what EHT and ETT are.


Epic hero token
Epic troop token

The golden ones


My two profiles for 2018:

24 elemental chests on one
27 on the other

I’ve never skipped a chest to speed it up. I only do a raid chest when it’s open and do monster chests regardless.


eht = epic hero token
ett= epic troop token
am= ascension matterial
so you had 0x4am, 2x3am, 2xeht, 0xett, 50 gems. nice chest :wink:


Eddard from King of the North has a TON of data on this Very thing. I’ll post a link to this thread in our Line chat and see if he’ll stop by.


Hello! I have an obscene amount of data about elemental chest contents but nearly nothing about frequency beyond my own spawn frequency.

Things I can confirm:

  • Boss level stages (same color as chest) increase odds for better loot but nothing is guaranteed

  • Loot has been “adjusted” (a.k.a. nerfed) to compensate for the larger amounts of loot given from multiple rewards/offers

  • it is possible to have multiple elemental chests at the same time (max I have seen is 2) in any slot (monster/raid/titan)

  • Eddard is unable to please a woman

With all of my data being from several patches ago (literally 500 plus chests reported) things may have changed but based on my continued data collection (on a smaller scale) they appear to be the same.

Any other questions I can possibly help with?