Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days


I made the mistake of thinking, when I received a green chest in the second or ‘hero’ slot, that it meant green heros…jeez. I figured out my mistake pretty quickly though and finished the rest in no time. Decent haul, 3* ascension item, 2*trainer, raid flag, etc.


My elemental chests were spaced exactly 2 weeks apart with 45 regular chests generated in between


I’m willing to state that it;s still all RNG at this stage. While I am range bound, i am seeing enough back to back and WAY long waits. I thought there may be some kind of sweet spot (at least there is for me), but I don’t think so.

May the RNG Gods be with you all :slight_smile:


I’ve been tracking every single chest and loot for the past two months. I average about 3-4 monster chests and 1 raid chest a day. I am consistently getting 1 elemental chest for every 30’sh monster chests and 1 elemental chest for about every 10 raid chests…However, the loot from the monster chests has been sub standard lately. Not sure why. The rare mats seem to only come from elemental chests these days…


I got a holy chest today! I think that’s the 1st holy chest I’ve received, it was in the monster slot.


What you get on that chest ? Because even those have been a little “light” for me…


FWIW my last elemental chest had gloves, hidden blade, and an epic troop token. I was happy.


Sadly, that used to be a common elemental chest reward, now it’s one that makes us all happy since the nerf.


We think they (devs) aren’t listening, but I beg to differ…Just two days ago I was complaining to my alliance that I hadn’t seen an elemental chest in almost a month and a half (filling 5 daily chests) and voila, 10 minutes later I get a nature chest with a shield (I think it goes)…Very very interesting…I guess I wont see one for another 2 months ha !


I was happy let’s see if I can remember everything. I got an epic troop token, 3 summon tokens, 20 gems, i think a hidden blade, orich nugget. and some other stuff. Like I said I was happy.


I opened a green chest yesterday…got the obligatory ham and ore, warm cape, hidden blade, 3 summons, 1* trainer, troop summon, and alliance refill…seemed a decent haul to me…havent noticed this supposed nerfing or have been luckier than most I guess…oh yeah, received 30 gems too


I believe the last 2 I have received were:
3/1/18 - Dark
3/15/18 - Dark

Slightly off topic, if like @Rook have indicated earlier in this thread that the Elemental chest type reflects the one the player is weak on, then they are pretty spot on. But the loot I’ve gotten in those… No Bueno, certainly no where near the first elemental chest I’ve gotten since I first started playing (I believe that was a Fire Chest).

I have not gotten any more since then.

My play style is that I clear Monster chest daily (2x if I have the time and World Energy), do not spend gems to speed up chest recovery, Titan chests are cleared every 5-8 days (5 days if we got lucky). I do not Raid so the Heroes chest is often sitting in the same spot/unfilled for a long time, only filled if I am trying to advance to the next province and the game makes you pillage other players instead of creating a boss like P1 and P2. Sure, I don’t “have” to advance in the story, but if they make completing P23 a requirement in order to step into Season 2 story (whenever that comes around), then I have no other choice… But first, I need to find better Blue/Purple heroes, even with Battle Items it is a challenge.

If the frequency of these chests appearing depends on the number of filled and subsequently collected chests, then yes, I think I “might” have another one coming towards the end of this month. Not holding my breath for anything note worthy though. I think sometimes get better stuff from Mystic Vision.


No ham and iron on elemental chests and you can’t have received troop token and 3 summon tokens as the total must be 3 and not 4


I received a Dark one today… Strange enough it contains a tonic and a shield


Now that you mention, I didn’t have any tonics and only had one shield, that was I lacked the most in my iventory… Is that a theory or it’s confirmed?


It’s totally theory, not likely to be accurate based on my results. If that was the case wed never see 3* farmables. Who doesn’t have more of those than any other unfarmable 3 and 4* item.


i think you are right…3 summon tokens with 1 being troop type. I thought I received ham/ore, but if you say so, I’ll take your word for it. I’ve opened so many chests and used to getting ham/ore but maybe I was hallucinating…


Oddly had a holy chest show up on the titan line today. Gonna wait for my monster chest later to double dip since we’re 8 hours away from our next one.


Holy monster chest Apr 12th


This game has a very peculiar sense of humor.

With my main account I got an elementary chest and it took 53 chests to give me another one (with farm objects and silver coins in boths chest).

In my secondary account I got a chest after 20 chests, and another after 24 (six objects of ascension in the three chests and two gold coins)

Patience, will change the luck … or not :rofl: