Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days

After I posted I don’t get ekemental chests I got a nature monter chest on the 23rd.

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Somehow, I got a second elemental chest within the last few days. At the same hero chest slot at that.


I want your secret! Gimme! :grin:

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I always assumed after you get elemental chest in a slot, it would be a little while until it returned to that same slot. And I rarely hurry raid chests along.

got 2 elemental quest too at hero slot last two weeks. Mine was a week apart.

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I had 2 in raid slot that were consecutive. Only ever had one in titan slot

I think it’s interesting that I seem to be range bound, and some of you other folks have better luck :slight_smile:

I got one on friday and another one just popped up… Same Heroes chest.
Hope this one can compensate previous which gave me ONLY 2 scabbards and crap altogether

Does anyone know whether or not ‘randomness’ is affected by speeding chest restarts with gems?

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The only urban legend I’ve heard is that if you fill your chests more quickly (perhaps using gems here and there to shorten the wait), you might get a Rare Wanted chest faster.

Those who say this are NOT advocating spending hundreds of gems at a time, btw; those are your gems, spend as freely or as cautiously as you will.

I have not heard SG confirm this rumor, though it seems to work for some.

I had a nature chest on 1/28. The next monster chest will be an elemental one tomorrow morning 2/13 (Based on the visual). Since that last one I’ve cleared 19 monster chests, 16 raid chests, and 3 titan chests. A few times I skipped an hour or two for 1-2 gems, but not many times.

I don’t think those of us who speed up chests believe that it changes the ODDS of getting an elemental chest. What we want is more DRAWS from that random distribution, which should (statistically) get an elemental chest sooner (in calendar time).

Suppose (counterfactually) that every 21st chest was certain to be an elemental chest. Without speeding chests, you process 3 chests per day (2 monster, 1 hero),so once a week you’d get an elemental chest. If you speed up the monster chests you can complete five total chests per day, giving you an elemental chest every four days.

In fact there is randomness to when an elemental chest drops, but the same logic applies.


I got an ice chest on Saturday 2/10 in the titan slot. I’ll keep track of the # of chests in between and update when I get another one.

edit – I lost track on the # of chests, but I got an ice chest on 2/21

All - thanks for the replies. I can’t get in to edit my post anymore - can @rook or anyone else help me out? I have an update. The pencil is gone…but shows on all other posts I have made in here.


This year I got a nature chest 1/9, ice chest 1/22 and dark chest 2/7. I didn’t count all chest, I fill 2-3 chests in a day. Min. 1 hero chest and 1 monster chest every day, most days 2 monster chests. I skipped a few times but not for more than 2 gems.
A member of my alli had 2 fire chest in a row with no skipping. That’s the only time I have seen that.

I see what you are saying. Thx for the articulate breakdown. Cheers!

I’m happy to edit for you. Just let me know what you want to change. :slight_smile:

Dark chest on 2/17 and prior to that nature 1/23

I had my longest chest window of 54 chests, otherwise everything is still in the same range (20-ish to now 50-ish)

March 3rd green nature chest where the Titan Chest is normally located

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