Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days

Dark chest, solid, but not awesome:


I guess I should work on that. :man_shrugging:

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You speed it up with gems but didn’t use flask to fill it as soon as possible?

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I speed the Heroes Chest for the opposite reason — not to fill a Chest as quickly as possibly, but so my Raid Flags count toward a Chest. I like feeling like they’re useful.

Using Flasks actually disrupts that process, if the Chest is filled too quickly then you can’t keep skipping to make use of later flags.

Because of Raid Tournaments, I have trouble figuring out when to use Flasks that won’t disrupt that balance. That’s already increased the number of flags per day a significant amount.


Got another one, I expect it to be the final one for 2019.

6 days after the above.
Filled 7 monster, 6 raid and 1 titan chest.

Nothing of note in rewards.


11 days since my last. I had a Nature one earlier:
(will update post in a second with screenshots using phone)

Dragon bone is something I seem to get quite easily anyway so it’s annoying that was one of ym 4* :frowning:
I got two 3* with my tokens: oberon + renfeld


You still get resources (iron, ham, recruits) if you win. I try to use my raid flags during the day, even when not filling a chest, because it definitely adds up over time.

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That you do, and I get a TON of resources from Raids, so I use all of my flags.

It’s just the losses (partial kills, more accurately) that I like to feel are useful too — thus I ensure I always have an active Heroes Chest while Raiding. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Guys, I have been interested in quantifying the average of obtained items in elemental chests (and chests in general, just look at this thread: https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/analysis-value-of-chests-and-items/133610/3 ).

That has been done with data that only belongs to my chests, but now the main idea is to expand for all the users and get a bigger dataset to play with. So, if you wanna help in this project, I wanna receive data from ELEMENTAL CHESTS, STARTING FROM SEPTEMBER 2019 (we know that in some date earlier than that the % of items changed).

You only have to fill this short survey (should take 2-3 min per elemental chest) with all the info you have (you may not track some info, so the first questions are voluntary).
The link is: Elemental chest survey - Chests after September 2019. .

Results will be updated in https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/project-elemental-chests-loot-analysis/148006

Please do not forget that data received is only after September 2019, and PLEASE ENTER ALL YOUR CHESTS, NOT ONLY THE “BAD” OR “GOOD” ONES!
Thanks for your help!!

By the way, please only enter YOUR PERSONAL data, that way we will not have duplicate entries! (that is why I cannot enter data from images or posts here, that could induce bias in the study!!)

What changed? Emblems? They are far earlier than September.

I only have data for Ascension Materials, can I input that considering elemental chests have guaranteed 2 AM?

Got one this morning. Ice ice baby!


10 days,…

Date Color Pos 4 :star: 3 :star: EHT ETT :gem: :trident: :large_blue_circle: :champagne: :crossed_swords:
2019-06-01 Nature Raid - Cape - - 40 3 10 WE trainer1
2019-06-11 Holy Raid Tonic Gloves 1 - 30 5 10 WE trainer1
2019-07-02 Holy Raid - TrapT, TrapT - - 40 10 10 WE trainer1
2019-07-18 Nature Monster Damascus - - 1 30 10 10 TE trainer1
2019-07-30 Dark Raid - Shield 1 - 50 30 30 TE trainer1
2019-08-12 Ice Monster - Blade, Orb - - 30 5 10 WE trainer1
2019-08-16 Holy Raid - Blade 1 - 30 10 50 WE trainer2
2019-08-28 Nature Monster - Compass - - 20 3 50 RE trainer1
2019-08-31 Ice Raid - Compass, Orb 1 - 30 5 30 TE trainer1
2019-09-10 Fire Raid - Cape, Blade 1 - 30 5 20 TE trainer1
2019-09-17 Nature Raid - - 1 - 30 5 10 TE trainer1
2019-09-27 Holy Titan - TrapT, Orb 1 - 30 5 10 RE trainer1
2019-10-04 Nature Monster - - - - 30 5 10 WE trainer3
2019-10-19 Holy Raid - Cape - 2 30 2 10 RE trainer1
2019-10-28 Ice Monster - Blade - - 30 20 20 WE trainer2
2019-11-06 Holy Raid - TrapT, Compass 1 - 30 10 10 RE trainer1
2019-11-11 Dark Raid - Gloves - - 30 20 20 WE trainer2
2019-11-20 Nature Monster - - - - 30 20 20 WE trainer2
2019-11-30 Holy Raid - TrapT, Gloves - 1 30 10 10 WE trainer1
2019-12-11 Holy Raid - Blade, TrapT - 1 40 3 10 RE trainer3
2019-12-17 Dark Raid - - - - 40 2 10 RE trainer1
2019-12-27 Dark Monster - Orbs, Cape - 1 30 10 20 TE trainer1
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It is an arbitrary date where we know nothing has changed. I do not recall when emblems were introduced, nor when the rate of hero tokens went down (we now that happened, that is why a lot of people has complained. In the past I usually had at least 1 hero token, since I have been tracking I got 6 straight chests with 3 grey tokens!)

And yeah, for your data with only ascension materials, put all the values you do not track as a negative value or 0 if it has answers. Put as date 1/1/2000, that way I know I will have to process it differently.

@littleKAF @jinbatsu guys please if you can help this project https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/project-elemental-chests-loot-analysis/148006 it would be greatly appreciated !

There is a date about that in the announcement category.

It seems to happen to me most of the time, I don’t even remember they were good.

Is it also since September only? I have record from March.

Yes, I prefer from September. It will just be the arbitrary cutoff from the data to start. Thanks for your help!

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The number of gems do not have 0 options, is it okay if I put it at 10?

Yea bro!
Thanks for helping!

I would appreciate you to get all the info in the following chests!

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I still have the info in my recent activity tab for the last chest, I have put the complete data for that particular chest (with correct date).

However, I don’t know how to track number of monster/raid/titan chest opened… that is going to be hard… anyway that is optional.

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