Elemental chest Epic summons


Do elemental chest not drop Epic summon tokens anymore? These use to but last three elemental chests have only given me three daily summons each


They still can drop epic summon coins, but as always in this game there is only a chance to get one. So it seems that you had really bad luck. I hope that you had more luck with the other items in the chest.


Yep, last time I got one and a lot of other goodies


I had nature chest not not a long ago, out of that chest came 3 summon token. Before that I had ice chest. Again all crap :frowning:


My last chest gave a troop summon token, plus dailies and gems and other shtuffs. :grin:


I got chain mail from the elemental chest which is crap I can farm from the levels :frowning:


Chain mail is farmable but not always easy to find; some folk have real difficulty with it.

As it is an ingredient for ascension, it still counts as an ascension item. shrug :confused:


FYI I got an epic token from an ordinary MONSTER chest. Which gave me Li Xiu.


Niiice! I think that happened to me once. Good on ya! :smile:


That’s how I got Boldtusk this week


They are just rare, always have been to my knowledge. I think I’ve gotten 2 or maybe 3 from over 10 purple chests between the two accounts.

Don’t know if that’s good or bad luck but the pictures I see posted also quite often have 3x silver summon tokens in them as well.


I remember that the more gems my chest had (30-50), the less goodies. It’s been awhile since I got a chest or I’d give you specifics…


Pretty certain that’s random; you will get a gem draw, how much is random for that drop and not determined by any of the other items in there. Like titan loot (for a given tier) there’s a fixed number of tokens, ascension items, etc AFAIK though I’ve never counted… there’s enough loot pictures in Duhlittle’s collection to easily determine that come to think of it if you were looking for a small project.

Conversely I got the most gems I’d ever seen in a chest and got yet another tonic, was pretty happy with both entries haha.


Another thing to take notes on! :grin:


Same here: just crap in an elementel chest, along with gray coins. A few days later an golden coin in a normal monster chest (which gave me grimm)