Elemental Chest didn't register when using loot tickets

Greetings, Support Team!

I had a 100 monster chest and an Ice Element Chest showing simultaneously.

I ran 14 loot tickets on 8-7. The 100 monster chest was completed, but the Ice Chest remained at 0.

Wanted to bring it to your attention, and let me know if any steps needed from me.
Thank you,

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You sure that it is ice and not maybe purple?


Clickety click

I’m pretty sure a veteran like yourself probably did this using the support tab in the game… but just throwing this out in case #neverknow


My first support ticket! I actually looked for it, but didn’t see that I had to click the three little lines in order for ‘submit support ticket’ to show.

The more you know!


The only „not bug“ reason i can think of is that you accidentally used your tickets not on 8-7 but another level without blue monsters.

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