Elemental Barrier now can be pierced?

Something weird happened in my latest match, which I did not expect.

In the tournament I was attacking a defense with Alasie, and my attacking squad had Mitsuko. I had elemental barrier up, but still when Alasie fired my barrier was bypassed and I got both damage and the mana status ailment. I do not recall that happening in the past, and I fought numerous Alasies and Finleys with Mitsuko so it would be weird if it was just a coincidence.

Wasn’t the elemental barrier unpiercable?

Alasie is a ranger. I’m guessing her Pierce talent triggered, allowing her to bypass all defensive buffs. :slight_smile:


Well, as I mentioned, I am almost certain that it used to reflect the damage even when it pierced…

I’ve seen a few threads on Mitsuko’s elemental barrier in regards to Finley. It’s been mentioned several times how Finley will suicide on Mitsuko’s reflect, unless his pierce triggers. I’m positive that Pierce bypasses reflect.

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It always bypassed if pierce activates…
I have mitsy and that’s rare but sometimes it happens… Nothing changed.
Working as intended…


That’s really interesting, I took Mitsuko versus Finleys numerous times and he never pierced. I thought it might have been some weird interaction between Mitsuko’s and JF’s buffs overlapping. But if it’s always been there then false alarm!

Yes it’s pretty rare… When comparing to evade and revive and many other talents piercing looks like pretty rare when firing special skills. …
But it might be intended since tiles can bypass too and that’s one of the more strange things I found…

Nothing is “unpierceable”

The ranger talent states it has a XYZ % chance of bypassing any defensive buffs.
Screenshot_20200227-090914_Empires & Puzzles
The reflect of both Ursena and Mitsuko are defensive buffs & hence can be pierced

The only exception is family bonuses and costume bonus which are considered bonuses not buffs. There was a bug on this but has been fixed.

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