Elemental attack down

Vela special with Fire enemies receiving -54% attack for 4 turns is great.

There are other heroes with the elemental attack down? Or is a thing for futures HOTM?

I couldn’t think of any other elemental attacks besides hers.

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I suppose Ursena and Mitsoku elemental reflect could be considered elemental attack down? However, it’s exclusive to their attack specials and not tiles.

I was expecting counter attack from nature, dark and fire heroes and attack down of nature, ice, holy and dark.

More 7 heroes in this case.

Guardian Falcon has Elemental Defense Down for the target and nearby enemies. I believe Alasie does for Ice, as well.

Edit: Nevermind. You are talking about Elemental Attack Down.

It’s not really elemental attack down. Its just a caveat on NORMAL Attack debuff…

So it affects the attack stat of the hero as a normal debuff will (see scarlett, Alice, kingston etc…) its just that it will ONLY affect fire heroes.

To answer the question tho, there is not another hero who has an Attack Debuff that affects only a specific coloured enemy,.


I know, but if affects only that color it kind is elemental. My question remains, because the drop of -54% it’s better than the normal attack down.

Sort of — the percentage is higher than typically seen for attack debuffers who have no limits on which enemies they affect.

So it’s a tradeoff — bigger effect, but impacting fewer enemies in most cases.


I wonder if Jean-Francois’ 94% Defense against Ice, would help to either nullify or decrease the intensity of that buff?

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