Elemental 10 pulls

What I think would be a GOOD and FAIR idea is to also give ascension materials when doing an elemental 10 pull. Many people are just getting tired of trying to level up one hero of a color let alone going for a second and starting all the way from scratch,
Not asking for a lot here. We’re already paying for the 10 pull so it’s definitely not free.
Just please throw us a bone.
A little goes a long way.

It would make the game mora P2W that it’s already. So no.

Yes, it’s already P2W BUT for those that can’t splurge as often, it gives a bit more of a fighting chance against those that do

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I agree that your team will be better. But the gap will be greater.

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I would be cool to build into the RNG a small probability to pull a fully leveled hero. With some way to make the probability equitable across f2p and p2p. Maybe only from a TC.