Elder (hierarchy) qualifications

What qualities or qualifications do alliance Leaders/Co-leaders look for in elders?
Time in alliance? Or actual displays of leadership skills? Why?

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We have a casual, mentoring alliance. I was made elder, then co-leader because I enjoy encouraging the alliance, having virtual banquets when we need refreshing (Tolkien was a master at this), and nudging people when they need reminders to use all their flags. Our original leaders are freed up to do other leadership tasks.

We promote people to elder when they consistently give all their energy & heart to Titans & wars. Some senior players are inconsistent & remain at member. Many newer players give their all, ask good questions and encourage the group. They are made elders based on their dedication to the team.

That being said, I wish there was a designation between “member” and “elder” for the newer players we want to recognize. “Elder,” to me, implies one has wisdom to share. “Member” isn’t quite enough…

All that being said, I think I was made an elder at level 15 and co-leader at level 23. I’ve taken both roles seriously and if I don’t know the answer to a question, I look for it in the Forum. I also try to include helpful tips (I didn’t know what those little numbers next to opponents were for the looongest time) and encourage a “no question is stupid” attitude.

I am so proud of our alliance. We are growing together and no one has left for a long time.

Anyway, I know other alliances do it differently, but that’s how Knights of the Cross works!


It really varies by alliance.

Some people use it for recognition, other people don’t really use it at all — either never promoting anyone to Elder, or always promoting everyone.

From another time I said something about this:

It’s worth noting that from a practical standpoint, Elders can kick out Members.

So if you use both ranks, be sure you trust your Elders not to act rashly.


Our alliance doesn’t promote to elder. Our feeling is that everyone is a valued member.

Our co-leaders are tasked with working positions, it’s not just an honorary title. They are very active, knowledgeable, actively recruit when required, advise other plays, collect data, advise on member’s activity, help make decisions, etc. etc.

Normally when we feel we need another co-leader we don’t have a slew of hands saying “pick me, please”. :rofl:


Elder - someone who is consistently active. For us acts as a second chance if you disappear for an extended time without notice.