🌑 El Naddaha – Season 5 Hero – 5* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Ive just started leveling this one. Two questions;

Is she still a badass, given the powercreep since her release?

How far would you level her? (For context, im c2p, mats often hard to come by - do i stop at LB1 or is she worth an LB2?)

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She’s fantastic still. So many extras.

I think I will 2lb the second


Is she best on attack?

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Seems to be really good on defence too

What did you choose for emblem path?

Swords mate

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Full sword path, LB2. She’s a staple on my offense, defense, and war defense. She’ll be useful forever. She out-performs Arco LB2 in my defense.


Agree with the others, she has aged well and still is great on both offense and defense. She also has a really useful passive with her dispel of the most recent buff, given how buff heavy teams are these days!


I find it funny that we speak of a hear of 1.5 years as aged, since I only got her one year ago and then it took me several more months to max her, so I actually only started to play with her a little more than half a year ago.

On the other hand, this is the reality of the game nowadays.

When I started playing (quite late actually, in December 2020), people were still using Anchor’s scoring system that had “top” heroes released two years before or even more


I’m in the same boat @dansing

2 hippos
2 pengis
2 Sobek
2 cel
2 hatter

Now 2 el naddaha

Never mind

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I have solved the 2nd El Naddaha requirement via Archie…. Who I take with Gazelle ….and he delivers well but curbing buffs to all & also giving whack those who try to get one :grinning::smiling_imp:

A 2nd Hippo would be welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Reading 2 :tophat: Hatters :tophat: …. I had a big Amalie on my face… love him :bangbang: awesome hero…. My first & only legendary LB2 :bangbang:


:question: What do you think is El Naddaha worth Limit Breaking ?

  • Yes, twice
  • Yes, but only once
  • No
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My biggest issue with her is that most of the times in raids and wars, she is charged too late. The hero buffs I’m trying to prevent have already been cast. She would be much better as a VF hero will low % damage

That’s exactly why I pair her with the Hatter

He steals and she prevents that opponent won’t get buffed again

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Just pulled her from the Black Friday portal. Does she get the VIP pass in the nature line, or does she wait behind Myoin-ni, Maat, Gelertand Edwin?

I think it really depends on your roster and style of play. I’ve been utilizing her on attack and defense, fully emblemed and level 85. She performs very well. I plan to double limit break her really soon. I don’t however have a super deep nature roster such as you evidently have. Best of luck to you whatever you decide

Gallert an Myoinin or whatever he is called are definitely worth bringing up based on how they have hurt my teams LOL

I have raised Liu Beu now to LB +20 and i am substituting El Naddaha more often, her strike is weak and she doesn’t hold the direct hit well… Although she is certainly good, I used her for half a year in all my teams.
If she could do 305% to all id probably reconsider

Same with Bastet - i used him almost always for half a year until i got Ludwig and Goseck, in pair these two just simply killers

I dont care that they are slow, Ludwig is LB2 and I usually use some other support heroes like Lady of the Lake and Goseck. Always top 1% in tournaments, good defence in wars, raids, etc.

turned out to be an interesting combination