🌑 El Naddaha – Season 5 Hero – 5* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

As long as it shows up as the same sign, it won’t stack.

Incredible that such a card went through Beta Testing. She is ruining the game with her special of immunity AND damage to new skills. All the old HOM have been made obsolete with this special. The family bonus kills the cards by themselves. It is annoying that such a skill is destroying the balance of the game more than any other special.

She hits hard, true and her special goes off like 90% of the time, but she is far more manageable than Kufu…


I am not talking about El Naddaha in the DEF. Her strength is the offense and there she has the most OP special in the game by far.

And in my opinion it should not be that you have to take care not to use 3 HOTM in your defense because than you can be beaten with one single El Naddaha. The family bonus has now become a disadvantage because of her.


Ah, now I get your point! That is indeed a problem, should be only for “active” buffs and not for HotM-Boni…

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Elemental links are buffs as any others why shouldn’t be possible to block them? Naddel only blocks it for 3 Heroes not 5 so she is not even as effective as for example C-Sabina. More punishing though if you rely on buffs.


See this completely different than you. An elemental link is by far not so good and important like a taunt buff or other active buffs. Therefore it is not true that the elemental link is the same as any other buff. It was always announced by EP as a small goodie for the HOTM. But the punishment from El Naddaha is the same for a taunt buff or a 46% Def against holy. Sorry, but this is completely out of any fair balancing. @CSabina…LoL

Edit: Kunchen and all other heroes from this season do have a very weak elemental link. A healer that hurts the own cards just because of an elemental link which is not useful and can not be turned off. This is insane…

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Just be careful which heroes you bring and when you time your buffs o.O. Kunchen actually only gives 1 Buff to all resulting in low Damage. Compare this to for example Ludwig or Sif or any other heavy buffer.
Sif gives a total of 9 Buffs resulting into 1800 Damage across 3 targets. So her special is balanced by the amount of available Buffs an attacker or defense uses.

Just got her with coins, I’m so happy!

Do you think she can be a remplace for Kingston in my raid defense?

This is my current team

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Yes 100%
I have El Naddaha at +20 and LB
And she’s is formidable in both offence and defence


100% agree. She is fantastic

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She replaced my Kingston also. I consider her a game-changer. I actually did some pulls in hopes of duping her.


The 2 of them were seperated at birth

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Anyone has an advice to counterattack this?

Cleanse, or just don’t use buffs. Otherwise you’ll need more specific heroes like lady Loki, Caitlin or M&M to reflect back el nada’s ailment


Thx! ^^
20 characters needed

El Naddaha forms a crazy winning team with Hatter
…. Gazelle / Arco. = takes on any team…

A 2nd one is welcome to make the 2nd set team
As the balance 4 dupes are already in place

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