🌑 El Naddaha – Season 5 Hero – 5* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Yeah it’s tricky, I had the same dilemma and I went with El Naddaha first before Arco, but Arco did potentially jump the queue before Guan Yu :sweat_smile:

I had independently done some rethinking — if I’ve gone this long without Mother North, I can wait a bit longer. A mega-healer like Arco is going to make a bigger difference, especially since my green team includes Bertila, who just supercharges him with her mini-minions. Then I have to decide between attack and defense with El Naddaha or Mother North.

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I would go Arco, El Naddaha, MN in that order. MN needs your heroes to die to shine, the other two will help to keep everyone alive and knock a few opponents out as well.


I have adjusted the hero card with the June balance updates.

Full attack path, LBed El Naddaha


Used my 5 free pulls today and got her, im very happy she seems to be a very good hero and pairs well with Quenell.


Missed out on her first time she appeared. But managed to pull her twice and Bastet, woo!


Congrats on everyone who pulled her. She’s amazing


Got my 2nd El Naddaha on 3 coin pulls this round. I dont know if i should be happy or enthusiastic & slightly disappointed. Ive had so many good greens lately… i wanted Bastet or a random Khufu… shouldve saved them til next month!


I think it’s good news, she’s a good hero to have a dupe of and also it’s very unlikely you’d pull a S5 5* from 3 coin pulls even if you waited for the next portal (you were super lucky)


Dupes are always bittersweet. But el naddaha definitely leans toward the sweet because she has the rare combination of “unique skill mechanic” and “incredibly useful skill”.

Probably minority opinion, but I tend to judge heroes by “how often they do at their worst” as opposed to “how they might do given the perfect circumstances” — in other words, I care very much about how vulnerable heroes are to certain counters. For instance, this is why I don’t rate Ludwig as highly as others players do - because I know when I put him in my defense, players with el naddaha will be chomping at the bit to target me (ludwigs slow, el naddaha is fast and easily fired before him, result is he does nothing or actually he does damage to his own team). My long-winded point is that el naddaha is this type of killer counter to not only one or two heroes - she is the killer counter to many heroes (sif, Bennu, krampus, zulag, aegir, black knight, hanitra, c-kadilen, and the list goes on).


That’s a good perspective, thanks for sharing. I have a question, would you rather ascend an amazing and useful dupe hero like El Naddaha, or would you ascend a less powerful hero that’s unique just for the variety?

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I probably have 30 dupes, 15 of which I tell myself are worth ascending, and only 1 that I have actually ascended.

In the end, I think I do trade away quite a bit of usefulness/effectiveness in order to get variety (given the constant restraint of limited ascension mats/aethers). But an el naddaha dupe (like a milena dupe) would be hard to say “no ascension” to.


I have yet to level up a dupe despite having some really good ones to chose from. This is a game and while winning is fun I prefer to try out the different heroes


Its a lucky couple days, pulled Bastet then Khepri, and today El Naddaha. I’ll be busy lol


Still the best synergy in game is good old C Kage paired with khonshu 6 tiles and you kill 1 of five instantly, 3 tiles and khonsu is rdy but if you kill wing and get 3 ghost tile then you kill another hero… i got Khufu,Sobek,khonshu ,Horus, El naddaha , and think about pair of junaids , I’m leveling third one. Offense he’s doing great on global top 10, better if you have 2 , 500 heal or more every time they fire to whole team, just some

Wow congrats ,i wanted bastet but can’t get everything, i have Khufu,Sobek,khonshu,Horus,El naddaha so I’ll be fine without bastet for a while :slight_smile:

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