🌑 El Naddaha – Season 5 Hero – 5* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I made her +20 and tried using in raid’s top defense.

Some things I noticed:
-Her buff inhibition damage was always 200 damage, not scaled by the hero’s attack power.

-Buffing by a talent will also trigger 200 damage. This means that the paladin class will take 200 damage each time the tile hits and the talent skill is performed.

-Hulda takes 400 damage each time she summons a minion and cannot receive minion’s buffs. (200 damage per buff)

-She is an excellent counter hero against C.Kadilen and the Wolf family, as she has very frequent ability effects as well as special skills.

In conclusion, she is a very good A+ hero.


She should definitely get this lump checked. It’s about half the size of her actual leg.

Music to my ears, thanks! I was debating whether to give topics to el naddaha or kadilen (w/ costume). defo gonna be my next green to lvl and hopefully max now! :smiley:

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She’s not even limit broken… that’s lame…

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I’m sure you won’t regret it.
I no longer need to use the color stack against a double formation wolf family team centered around Ludwig.
If El Naddaha can use the skill on 7 tiles, Ludwig becomes a tile dump and dies from his own self-buff the moment he fires.

The only failure was to make her talent grid a sword pass. She has a little poor survival, so it might have been better to choose a balanced talent node.

btw, perhaps the highest theoretical damage is to use her skills on Aegir tanks. Instantly deal 1000 damage with 3 skill effects, 1 elemental link, and paladin-class talent.


Now that we all can see the artwork, El Naddaha looks very, very much like Lena Headey.


It’s called a thigh.


Uhm… Well… No. Unless she has a 3rd leg, it’s definitely not a thigh. Not that it really matters, it’s just the artwork of a card in a mobile game…

its a thigh, with a bony knee/leg crossing over it.


:thinking: Hmmm… Yeah, I can see it now. The perspective makes it look very weird.

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Isn’t that actually part of her skirt (or ribbon or whatever clothing she’s wearing), in a different shade because of the shadow from her right leg?

I think it is part of the harp.

I love that we’re having an actual serious debate over this. :joy: Thanks @Tamika!


The ultimate Krampus counter.

I don’t understand what is the issue lol. On the left it’s kind of like a tattoo or magical skin on the right it’s just the thigh?

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:joy: Yeah, I’m now firmly on the “thigh” side. The artist kind of messed up perspective and/or proportions, which sparked this fascinating debate.

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In my eyes that some Lacey lingerie :slight_smile:

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she’s some sort of siren-ish creature. For me, those on the right leg (well, more like low buttock) are scales. While the left leg is just not the best drawn leg ever :see_no_evil:
Btw as of now, she’s the 5* hero of the season i would really love to have but will never pull (sad f2p noises)


Was wondering what people would suggest for her emblems. Seeing she is t just a damage dealer was wondering it would be best with defense and health and let her make sure the opposing teams get buffs. Want to look at using her in defense

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I’ve faced her a few times, and I’m fairly sure they were emblemed for attack. She hit v hard! V hard. I was impressed. I’d suggest attack, but I don’t own her, so let’s see what other people think.