El Naddaha dispel passive activates Wolfgang's Heal

I saw this occur recently and finally had the chance to properly test it. Wolfgang has 3 turns left on his heal, but it immediately goes off when El Naddaha’s special hits him. El Naddaha Vs Wolfgang - YouTube

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El Naddaha passive “dispel late dispellable buff” on Wolfang, and that seems to trigger immediately Wolfang healing. Like dispelling Gullinbursti triggers immediately his damage, but Gullinbusti has “when the effect ends” on his card, while Wolfgang a generic “after 4 turns”. Probably it’s the same thing? Don’t know, I don’t face him a lot, hope others will help.

Still seems like inconsistent wording again like for QoH’s minions taunt.

The main issue is dispels from non-passives e.g. Sabina don’t trigger it. It’s just this wierd interaction, and from my understanding his heal isn’t suppose to trigger like Gullinbursti’s.


Indeed, wasn’t sure but Caedmon’s dispel doesn’t trigger it either.
@PlayForFun something really fishy here!

Thank you for the reports! We will look into this here and update the topic once we know more.

This exact thing just happened to me 2x in one battle. 1st time i thought something was odd as to how they healed then I watched more closely on the 2nd interaction. El removed the healing while leaving the defensive buff but the heros still recieved the boosted health. Happened well before the 4th turn

It is just that the S5 passives are totally bugged. They bypass taunt and apply on all

It’s not bugged, bypass and taunt buffs clearly state they protect from special skills, nothing else, so not from passive skills.

Yeah yeah, doesn’t make sense at all.

Where is the logic to have BK active and Nadaha dispels all others 2 buffs each with passive but the taunt keeps on BK? They are even buffs from different heroes so absolutely doesn’t make sense

@ElleBlack90 ^^ you can see a report above with exact moment per moment screenshots

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@Elioty33 explained it already. Taunt protects from special skills. Slash attacks also ignore taunt, such as minions. Passive skills are not part of the special skills so they ignore taunt.

You have the right to disagree with it. Who knows, maybe they’ll change it. But it’s not a bug.


Obviously I disagree and don’t believe it makes sense re game mechanics in general, but if you want to be factual:

Can you explain how Nadahha passive which dispels “latest buffs” dispels on active taunt buffs from TWO different heroes - both att up from cBK and immune to ailment from Garnet :man_shrugging:

El Naddaha’s passive has a 50% chance of dispelling the latest dispellable buff from all enemies. What I assume could have happened is, you had fired BK last. Attack up is the last buff he casts (they are applied in the order described in the card), so El Nad dispelled attack up from all heroes. That leaves taunt on BK. Meanwhile, it was Garnet’s ailment protection last turn and it disappeared at the end of the turn.

If you have the video, maybe you could confirm if this is what happened.