Eiora & Fluffy or Cristobal?

What do you think which should be first ?

I can not speak for Cristobal, since I do not own him. On the other hand, Eiora is amazing, especially with all the minions out there. I use her with Evelyn in most of my raiding teams. My vote goes for her.

Eiora & Fluffy can work better with Phileas Fogg while Cristobal could be better paired with Evelyn


Eiora & Fluffy, they have a chance to cleanse themselves (excellent against effects such as Mindless Attack & co.) every turn, they always deals high damage and when against minions they also cripple the enemy team. They lower max health, this is excellent on minion horde game mode or against the popular minion summoners.


I find Evelyn quite enough to guarantee that any target could be eliminated by Eiora.

of course they should be.

however E&F is sniper, that;s the reason PF is better, after 3 kills probably each of them can bring down another hero by oneself.

Chritobal hit 1 / aoe paired with Evelyn can fully use her EDD for 3. however, Cristobal’s 2nd mana charge makes Evelyn shall waiting for his cast.

there is only suggestion for better pair, never said E&F can’t work with Evelyn.

if you can add Friggs, probably can kill or hard wound fully blood hero(es).

As owner of Eiora and not an owner of Cristobal (but playing him in beta), I would choose Cristobal.

Eiora is strong but ‘just’ a sniper and an average one; currently you’d expect average speed heroes to have more impact on the battlefield than just hitting one target hard (often not even enough to kill them). The secondary effect of Eiora is very situational and most of the time I find it rather useless.

Cristobal offers far more versatility when you use him for offense.

Eiora was a huge help in the S4 boss match. Her minion removal and hard hit is pretty awesome, which makes her a really excellent sniper.

Cristobal is also a great hard hitting sniper, and he can be one helluva AoE. But you have to be patient and use him at the right moment. If you can wait for his 2nd charge, you can do a lot of damage.

Both great snipers, but if you don’t have any minion removers, Eiora would be a great choice.

It truly depends on you roster, playstyle and needs. I have both @3/70 honestly I play with eiora & fluffy more often. It seems I just don’t have the patience for cristobal second charge

good evening, Eiora and cristobal (I have both) good both depends on who you want to attack, Eiora is more complete and you can use it with both lowerers Evelin and Fogg (I have both), Cristobal is more suitable with Evelin for the multiple damage that is his best skill

Thx all for help, have a fun All by the game :slight_smile: