Eiora and Fluffy secondary skill don't work as intended

Just battled against a team with prof. Lindenbrock and Freya and spotted that when HP is boosted above max HP and has minions Eiora’s secondary skill that reduces max HP does nothing. I don’t believe that’s correct and how it was intended to be.

It should reduce 304 hp from where the boosted hp is currently, then if the prof is still active it would add 150 boosted hp back next turn. Did you check where it was before and after Eiora fired?


Thats how it looks like, Eiora reduces the HP, instead of reducing max HP.

I think, it’s working like it should be. Prof increase max hp, so Fluffy decrease that current max hp.

Same way than Heim boost reduced max HP to higher.

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Not really, if you look at frigg in the first picture her max hp are 2341
After the 304 hp reduction
The max hp are 2037, exactly as you would expect.

Of course that’s still higher than her base hp, but if it was different she would reduce far more than 304 hp. Elizabeth for example wasn’t in +HP and if you look she has some grey bar in her health bar because of the max hp reduction.

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