🏅 [Eighth Raid Tournament] How is your Defense Team doing?

Don’t level up heroes ahead of others. Save up 15 gloves, then level 3x5 heroes to 70 simultaneously. Save up mats for 3x5 heroes to take to level 80 — well, good luck with that. Don’t use emblems until you have around 4x5 useful heroes ready, then apply emblems to them equally. This is if you only care about the tournament prizes. There’s other stuff in the game of course, but under the current scoring, if they return loot to its original level, players will be encouraged to do this.

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There’s a bug with the guy at the top. Not speaking strictly about the defense, his total points won are nearly 100 more than the next group. Notice how the rest of the top 100 is separated by, what, 13 or 14 points? That’s the peak level 5-0 attainable. That other guy got extra flags or something. I went 5-0 with stacked 4 stars and have 2996 points, which is good for 3000th (!) Place in the tourney. It’ll get sorted in the end.

  • Which day of the Tournament is it? 1st day

  • How may times have you been attacked today, and in total? 5 times

  • What is your Defense Team’s win/loss record today, and in total? 1 win, 4 loses. All losses against teams with bigger team powers.

  • What Defense Grade does your Defense Team have? E

  • Which heroes make up your Defense TEAM? Grim+11, Chao+9, Boril+7, Who, Colen

  • What is the Team Power of your Defense Team? 3430

  • What is your current Tournament Score and Ranking? Score 2995, Ranking 3492

After 7 tournaments (and this one in progress), my defense team was attacked more than 5 times in only 1 tournament and in that tournament it was attacked like 30 times or more.

It seems that if you’re unlucky (or have a bad def team based on tournament rules) and lose your 1st match, the system drops your team points and you don’t get many attacks.

I understand that the “best defense teams” are worth more points and should get attacked more overall, but it seems that the current system takes into account the win/loss ratio of your team too fast for it to actually make sense (imo).

Wouldn’t it be better to guarantee 5 attacks on everyone’s defense team on the 1st day and then to kick in the win/loss ratio logic?

Just a suggestion…

When I field top teams by team power (like 3750 this time) I get attacked like crazy, when it’s average, like a 4000 team in a 5* of a maxed non-emblemed 3* team, I get attacked MUCH less.

I put Grimm +7, Caedmon 4/69, Wilbur +6, Chao +5, Ameonna +7

And got attacked 0 times so far… That hasn’t happened to me after the first tournament!

So far, defense is doing unbelievably well. 7 out of 10… best day ever for defense since tournaments started…

Attacks went well also, but I’ve keept 3 flags for the hero chest that’s coming up in about one hour.


What is your defence?

Mine is

Not going well…

4 1 losses

Nothing too fancy


Blue meat sack in the middle to absorb absurd amounts of damage (800+ defense) surrounded by two reds, Wilbur to protect the team and lower enemy defenses and three fast snipers to take advantage of the absence of healing.


2-1 on defense so far.
3-0 on offense. Saving my last 2 for tonight.


Attack: 5-0
Defense: 0-2

My defense got attacked early by superior 200/300 TP teams, seems unusual compared to my prior tournament experience day 1 attacks

Li Xiu Proteus+13 Buddy+11 Grimm+13 Kelile
11 attacks so far, 8 wins and 3 losses

I feel so stupid. I just lost 3 times out of four because i i took rigard to the fight. 3 purples that works sp nice ussaly and i just didnt stop for a second to check what is wrong… Numbness…

Day 1
Atk: 5-0; Def: 1-5 - 16% E

One hour into day two… attacked 5 times already three won two lost. That makes a total of 17 attacks 11 won 6 lost so far (65%)…

P.S. SG, you could add a counter for defenses (even a won / lost split), just as there is for attacks, so that we don’t have to count them by hand…

12 attacks
7 times lost, 5 won
Overall rank C

There are A LOT of players that still don’t understand (or don’t read) rules, as i encountered many healers.

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I did even worse… i knew the rules and attacked with rigard…he did zero…

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This defense has a 14w-10L record up to now image

Ok. There’s a lot I don’t understand about tournament rankings… day one of this tournament was dominated at a difference of around 80 points (while the following places were only two or three points apart from each other and the whole top 100, except for #1, was inside of a 50 points difference) by a lower level player with a neglectable defense team… I bet that after the defense points were added he or she didn’t make top 1000… strange, but that’s it… that was just a strange occurence I presume…

But how about this?

I was awarded 602 points for this defense (3775 TP)

And 604 for this one (3528 TP), which, by my standards, regardless of TP, is way weaker and easyer to defeat

Here’s proof

So, what am I missing? Are points awarded for victory random? Or how are they determined? Anyone with some insight on this matter?

I also wonder how many points my defense is worth?

Ok, how about this?

611 for this one (3766 TP)

And only 606 for this monster (3801TP) and look at those troops and emblems!

Here’s proof

In anyone’s opinion, is Ken-journeyman’s defense worth more than Abramek’s? I can’t see any reason for that…

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