🧭 Eighth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV8) Log and Discussion – Starts Mar 15

Nice to see that they finally made the female avatar (May’s Yang Mai) the free one


Also nice to see they lowered the difficulty bar on the challenges.

Probably financial losses from previous PoV made SG come to their senses.


Meanwhile Frosth looks like Edward from Twilight.

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Thank you for the response to my comment! Nice to see the female avatar for free!


Since it has gone live, approx when might we expect this section to be up? Thank you in advance for working on it and sharing. Much appreciated.

The bigger Valor challenges look to be the same as POV 6. You can see their point distribution in this thread - 🧭 Sixth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV6) Log and Discussion – Starts Nov 23

The daily challenges I guess will be updated live

This is the one circulating on Line …


I can’t believe the thieves from SG put summons to POV again (3rd time in a row). not only they reduced the time of POV occurrence, it seems that summons are now just permanent part of POV so basically you’re forced to complete all the other tasks (given you won’t have enough tokens to complete it every other month). congrats SG - you manage to take a fun out of everything you create - even from the good ideas…


It is within reach, if you have VIP and have planned ahead a bit (collecting silver tokens).

Even if you can’t complete the last summon challenge, it’s only 1625 points. At least they lowered the difficulty bar on all other challenges, thus completing them, even with 25% dailies missed, should give you 48th milestone which is the important one.


F2P here and i don’t really see the problem.


619 in what timeframe if you’re F2P (not even VIP which is not free btw). are you able to gather 619 in one month?

you need 275 heroes in 45 days that’s 6 tokens a day if you’re F2P I wonder how you get so many please let me know I would like to have the same

I do not have VIP or PoV (from April 2020), and from there i’ve started with 150 or so and never missed a summon mission.

so why would you say that you don’t see a problem if I clearly stated that they put summons 3 POVs in a row? can you read my original topic and respond again?

Calm down man. This POV is very easy. Raids and XP are achievable very fast. I don’t think it could be easier. Last one was terrible. Let’s enjoy this one.


You have to re-read my post.

I said i always completed every summon mission, never spend and i actually largely increase my grey tokens.

That’s why i don’t see any problem.

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and VIP is free I guess, right? *“and have planned ahead a bit”… well, planning ahead a bit wouldn’t help, I planned a bit ever since the POV started - used all my tokens on the first then they fortunately decided to take the summons of the next one so I was able to gather enough for the 3rd one . now it’s 3rd time in a row which means (without VIP because if you read my topic I was complaining for people that don’t spend so much on this game - POV itself costs money and if you don’t spend on VIP too you need to complete everything else - as I SAID) you need 275 summons in 45 days (plus 5 days or so between POVs) so let’s say 275 in 50 days that’s >5.5 a day
that’s hardly fun and if it is for you congrats

that’s not the point is it? point is that you have to do everything else to avoid summons but again if that’s fun for you guys I’m ok with it

I understood by ‘not having POV’ that you don’t play it. ok. apologies. still share how you can get 5.5 tokens a day

Sacrifice. I gave up on POV2 in order to set myself up for summons. I always have more than 300 silver tokens each POV now. Again, summons are not mandatory to finish it.


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