Eid mubarak - add a gift for Ramadan

Where is a gift for ramadan and mubarak??? !!!

Alhamdulillah !! (Praise be to God !!)

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Let’s try to avoid a religious thing in a game please.
I am all for celebrating each and every religion but just not in a game.
It can get very emotive…


i just want all religions to be respected!!!


110% agree. Every single religion should be fully respected. But have you any idea about how many official and none official religions exist?
SG would be giving away gifts (not) left right and centre.
Plus not sure how I say this correctly but - happy Ramadan


I think the most suited salutation is “Ramadan Kareem”.

Islam is the second religion in the world. there is discrimination!
it doesn’t matter how you congratulate. it is important that it is from the heart… and thank you!

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I’m a pagan. I have no holy anything to get rewards for. Please respect me, too. :wink:


You deserve a free gift too then … everyone gets my vote…


Me as a not very religios christ would habe absolutely and totally no problem if e&p had only islamic offers and events, and it was designed and run by any islamic country.

I wouldnt even bother not having my religion in the game, why would I? Its not discrimination. If i wanted my religion shown in a game I would have to look up one :slight_smile:

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Shiloh Desert?



Hate people throwing around with sentences they don’t understand. Discrimination would be, if all Christian would get a present for Christmas and all other would get nothing. As every player has a Christmas gift, it is equal to everyone!

What would be next? No challenges during sabbath? Non violent raids?

Keep religion where it belongs, in your mind!


Nobody gave up. Gtv for lent :wink:


What if there is no Christmas present, but everybody gets a present for Eid? That would be fair, right?

Well, Christmas kind of evolve into a non-religious celebration. The Christian do celebrate it for its original religious intent but non-Christians take it as a festive season to gather with family and friends, exchange gifts and eat wonderful meals. E&P is giving out Christmas gifts for the later non-religious intent.

Eid Mubarak.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri (this is my country’s way to greet :smile:)


True, but there is Springvale for Easter. I don’t have a dog in the fight, I’m not religious. But I can see how some people may see Christian-based themes and would want their religious holidays to be represented.

Maybe next Ramadan, I won’t feed Jahangir until the sun goes down :slight_smile:

Well, what happened to Christmas happened to Easter too. This is kind of the state of how things are for Western society (much to the lament of the religious leaders). This is one path Muslims wouldn’t want to follow.

To be honest I don’t mind more extra free gifts for any holiday :stuck_out_tongue:


Upon further thinking, the seasonal events aren’t designed to be religiously themed. The seasonal events are suppose to represent the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The developer wanted each season to have its own unique heroes.

  1. For Winter, a Christmas related theme was selected since it occurs in the winter. They purposely used Santa Claus and family concept (commercial non-religious) instead of the birth of Jesus concept (religious).
  2. For Spring, a Easter related theme was selected since it occurs in the spring. They purposely used Easter Bunnies and eggs concept (commercial non-religious) instead of the raise of Jesus concept (religious).
  3. For Autumn, a Halloween related theme was selected since it occurs in the autumn. They purposely used Horror/Vampire concept (commercial non-religious) instead of the Christian saints concept (religious).
  4. For Summer, there isn’t anything popular they can based the event upon. So, they ran with an Arabic theme.

Also, it is important to note that the Hijrah calendar (Islamic calendar) is about one and a half week shorter than the Gregorian calendar. Eid Al-Fitr is fixed on 1st Syawal (Hijrah). E&P’s timetable of events are based on the Gregorian calendar. E&P events are predictable since they follow the same distribution pattern year after year). Due to the length difference of the 2 calendars, event based on Eid Al-Fitr will not have a fixed period year after year which is an issue by itself.
(Interesting note: I remember in year 2000, we celebrated Eid Al-Fitr twice in the same year due to calendar difference. The 2nd celebration occurs in conjunction with Christmas)


Free gifts are awarded via the messaging system — there’s no reason directly attached to them beyond the reasons given in the message.

Having said that — a different question, posed above, is if the events that coincide with holidays have become outdated as the game expands worldwide.

Should events graphics be reskinned?

If that’s what your asking — I’d suggest starting a discussion, post a poll or two and start with the basics.

Use a neutral, passive tone

Thats a lot more work that posting a couple of lines on an idea thread asking for a gift —but It demonstrates that folks are willing to listen.

Please do not toss a grenade for the volunteer mods to clean up

I’d point out that diversity in heroes has been quite well done by SG; and Aside from the cute goats in S3 — the stuff barely registers after a year Plus of Yetis.

I’ve wished many a Happy Christmas, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Holi — and I love opportunities to learn.

I respectfully suggest closing this thread.




As @anakellch pointed out, the christian themed events in EP include more cultural non-religious elements that actually don’t really have much to do with christianity (Eggs, Bunnies, Reindeers, Santa…). And I bet they have a reason to call it Springvale and not Easter event, to keep it neutral…
Not really sure if it would be highly appreciated by islamic representatives if a gacha-lootbox-lottery mobile game make an event based on an islamic holiday with funny weird and animal characters… or if this would be seen as disrespectful, tbh.

Also I am seriously upset when I see people demanding to have their religion represented in the game (no matter which religion) paired with the accusation of being discriminated against otherwise. I am ok with the christian themed events, given the fact that they don’t really refer much to the religion itself and that the company is based in a christian country. However, I wouldn’t mind having more neutral events. But then: Even Atlantis relates more to the greek mythology than the seasonal events relate to anything christian. We have Proteus, Poseidon and other different mythical figures and gods. But none of the christian themed event really relate to anything from the bible…


Of course, as long as everybody is treated the same way, there is no discrimination.

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