📯 Ei-Dunn – New Season 3 Hero – 3* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Yeah it’s not how it’s calculated but it’s the basis for the calculation.

So if the defending hero is identical & the randomness is the same in both cases, whoever has the higher “effective attack”, created by multiplying the attack stat by the % damage, will net who does more damage.


How come there was discrepancy between your list and Jamir’s original list of attack*%dmg?

I worked it out in the end; from memory, Jamir was ranking them based on their +20 stats & with the troops included.

Different classes pick up different total stat boosts which apparently threw off some of the orders.

The main issue was representing it as “damage” when in reality it wasn’t really “damage” being shown

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Levelled her up for funsies mostly but in Events she is great mana controller for last stage bosses. Kinda sad I ignored her until now.

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She is great in Wonderland Event. I use the combo C Hawkmoon/C Azar/Ei-Dunn and it was a breeze to finish the rare stages.

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