EHTs for Halloween or save them for Xmas?

I’m a FTP and have saved up 34 EHTs (taken me an eternity to get). I have 2 x Buddys and a Rudolf and no other hero from either event.

I was thinking of using half for Halloween (depending on what I get) and half for Xmas.Thoughts?

I realise there will be new xmas heroes (assuming 1 x 5*, 1x 4*, 1 x 3?).

I also like the look of Glenda over Rueben (HOTMs), but would be happy with either.


Half for Halloween and half for Xmas is reasonable. That´s my strategy as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree. But I think we should summon with Glenda, not Zulag.


Yep- one of each new in Wonderland/Christmas event:

I’m sadly disappointed by the original Morlovia heroes. I like the two new 5*s, but odds are of course low. Frank is slow.

I don’t have Santa or MN, and so will save EHTs for that personally. What flavor hero are you looking for- tank, sniper, healer, specific color?


100%! I was lucky enough to score Rigards costume, so Zulag would be less useful then she otherwise would have been. Glenda the whole way. Just gotta wait a week… Lol

Victor has a good synergy with Kage and Clarissa. Good vfast attack 3tack (Kage->Clara->Victor).

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  1. Split the token 17 for hallowen 17 for xmas.
  2. Do the halloween pull on november when glenda featured.
  3. If u lucky and get any 5* halloween heroes before 17 coins are used, then stop. Don’t do any more pull.
  4. If u unlucky and don’t get any 5* halloween after 17 coins used. Then stop.

Cheers for that info. Not really looking for a tank. I enjoy offence, never get to see the battles with defence :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Im not impressed with Frank.
Francine looks amazing and Mother North is amazing. Ive got a few snipers. Maybe a healer or specialist, something different but versatile

What’s your current team like? If you’re ftp I know how valuable those saved resources are!

Mate I would max pretty much any non classic 5* I get. Been playing for years, so as a ftp and partial horder, you can imagine I am mat heavy and hero weak.

My current go to attack team is Rig cost, Mist/Poseidon/Joon, Lianna, Marj, Frida. My frequent subs are Richard costume, Ametrine (my new favourite), Melendor, Sabina

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I’m using it in Halloween but in November as i pulled Zulag already and really want Glenda. Christmas is great but I like the new vampires more than the new Christmas heros. I just want a Frosty then if i get Krampus or MN I’ll be happy, already have Santa, Buddy, and Rudolph.

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I saved 7 Ehts :grinning: and 3600 gems. I already used 2 eht, got Nashgar and Horghall. I will use my other 5 in November. I will go for a 10 pull in Xmas, I would love to get Mother North in my green raiding team (Zocc 4/20 being maxxed, Skittleskull +19, Brynhild 4/70 with Malosi +5 and Rigard +19).
Btw, do you think Horghall can find any place in my green team? I also have Gobbler 3/60, I love him eating minions(, but lately I don’t use him).

I’m using what I have on Halloween, will use whatever others I’ve accumulated for Xmas.

Already have Zulag so waiting until November to do any Halloween summons though

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I would either go all in with 34 tokens during Halloween, because as a ftp very fast/fast heroes literally change the game in a good way for you. Or Wait all the way till springvale or wait for the finalized version of Krumpus. The Christmas heroes current family bonus is just meh, additionally the Halloween heroes are better than the Christmas heroes as stand alone heroes imo.

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I had 69 epic hero tokens and used 29 earlier at the Morlovia portal but only got 4th Kadilen, 2nd Zulag, Jack, and dupe Valeria and Vlad. The rest are classic epic and rare heroes.

IMHO, I think the Morlovia legendary heroes are far better than the December seasonal legendary heroes by reason that they are at least fast mana, have better overall stats and bring something unique on the table. On the other hand, December seasonal legendaries are mostly slow and Krampus may serve well as tank or flank at average speed They are mostly minion summoners though but Santa’s regular defense down is trumped by Wilbur and MN’s resurrect may also be performed by Alberich and Heimdall. BK’s skillset may still be better than Krampus.

With that being said, I will expend all my EHTs when the month changes. I hope to net the good ones.


Francine and Victor are nice. Vanda seems weak. Gonna continue saving for xmas event.

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I love Christmas time and the Seasonal Events in general, so I say Christmas. I did do a single pull and got Jack, so I’m content, but may try when we roll to November for a try at that HOTM.

But, 51 EHT and (thanks to Google Rewards/Survey) 60k in gems…ready for Christmas heroes!


I am personally saving for Christmas. I like the Christmas heroes in general better, and I already have Vlad :rofl:.

I think splitting between the two just lessens your chances at both TBH.


Spend all EHT’s this event but in november


I had 14 saved (also took me really long to gather), and spent them all today, I just couldn´t help myself! :woman_facepalming:
Thinking I will get at least a few tokens until Christmas arrives, hopefully. :four_leaf_clover:

Good luck to you :slight_smile:


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