Editor of the google sites page

I was wondering if anyone knew who edits the google site page (if anyone still does)? I stumbled across it and have found the information very useful, though some of it seems outdated and I’m interested in helping to maintain it. Alternatively, I’m relatively new, so if there’s another site with the same information that is being updated, if you could direct me there, that would be equally appreciated.

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If you’re talking about this one, @Coppersky made it, but she hasn’t been active recently on the Forum.

Updated versions of a lot of that information can be found on the Forum, and there’s also a newer Wiki.

Are you looking for something in particular?


@CheTranqui may be of help as well

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I’d seen the wiki page and had a quick scan through it and thought the tables only had some of the info. Following your reply, I just realised there are tabs for the info I thought was missing. I’m clearly still a noob, gotta slow down and have a good look. Thanks for your assistance Zephyr, it was much appreciated.


You’re welcome, and glad you found what you’re looking for!

If you ever have questions or are looking for info, feel free to tag me with @zephyr1 and I’ll try to help. :slight_smile: