Editing screen showing the real hero stats and damage in battle

It would be very useful for most players to see all this stuff (visible only during the battle), actually before to enter it, in editing screen.

Of course, SG implemented already such a feature. But as usual, not for E&P. Only for Puzzle Combat.


But I would like to see even more than the hero stats after is equiped with troops. We have emblems. And emblems change not only the stats, but also increase DoT.

So, like in the example above, I would like to see in editing screen the hero stats will have in battle with the actual troops and emblems, but not only. For the heroes with DoT, it would be nice to see the actual damage will inflict in battle (due to the hero’s emblems and troops).

And this could be easily implemented like they already did in Puzzle Combat, by adding that arrow in the right side of the screen. The arrow opens and closes the screen with the actual stats within a battle.

I think the feature was left out because the whole thing become incredible complex then. I understand your desire for info, but I think we got quite a lot already, and it is a game after all

It seems it is not “incredible complex” since it is already implemented in the other game, which is basically a copy of this one. Savvy?

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Lol? No, not very savvy, I guess. Nevertheless, (and I am a newbie with only 6 months playing to my name), I always come across spreadsheet etc, and wonder whether all this really increases the fun in the game. There should be an element of intuition, not just math.

I can get behind this.

As you say, if its in the UI for the other game that SGG develops, should be easy enough to import into EnP surely?

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Agreed! I would love to see this info too! One time I went into a match thinking Lady Locke was a meh hero due to a lot of stuff I see here at only ~864 damage over 4 turns to 3 heroes, I figured it was manageable. Once I entered the raid, this lady Locke was doing almost 1300 damage to 3 heroes and she absolutely destroyed my team! Now all I want is Lady Locke and I can’t wait for pirates to come back again for another shot!

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