Editing banner/featured message in ios

Ok, not really a bug I think, but it’s an issue, so in the right spot I think? :wink:
My co-leaders all have android and when they edit the feature message they are able to scroll the text, so they can get to the first part without having to remove the end. I can’t on ios, I only get 1 line of text (the end) and can’t scroll, only select a spot in that part.
Our featured message started sticking this morning and one of my co-leaders made a nice layout with colours for different notifications and it would be very nice if I was able to edit it too.
I already had this problem in previous versions with the banner, but I sort of made it work by retyping certain parts (it was a bit of a hassle, but you were limited with the amount of characters anyway, so it was doable), for the featured message (which I love, have been asking for an alliance noteboard forever, so really glad we got something like it) with a lot more characters, it just means retyping everything and that’s not really working.

Do other ios users have the same problem? Or am I missing something? (Entirely possible :wink: )

AFAIK we, the iOS users, are screwed in this department. Android users have the luxury to use Line Breaks when composing a message making it really nice looking while iOS users cannot do that in E&P for “insert whatever reason”. Been like that since… ever?

Me and my co-leader have found a work around.
Copy the featured message, edit it outside the game and replace with edited version.
Bit cumbersome, but better than retyping everything I guess.
If someone has a better solution or the issue gets fixed, that would be even better.


I have android but I still prefer to write out my banner descriptions in discord. It’s just easier to edit and check for typos there before copying and pasting to the banner (or game chat for longer messages).

Next problem: I can’t even copy the featured message, I can select all and copy, but when I try to paste outside the game, there is no text. Very weird, because I do have the paste option and copying from the chat (before posting) does work (or used to in previous versions, I sometimes did that when I changed my recruiting message).

Hmm. AFAIK, Android has always been able to do Line breaks, and iOS no. As for copy/pasting, I will play with it for a bit. Brb

I can edit a part of the alliance banner/featured message on IOS by : choose select all- then move the little blue dot to where I want to edit the text. Then tap where I want to edit/remove text.
If accidently removing all- choose cancel.

Yeah, I do have to scroll back to change any existing message…but I’m an old hand at that, so it doesn’t bother me.

What is nice:

  • I can use hex colors [#000000]
  • I can change size of text [%125] (100 is normal, goes up to 200)
  • I can use the icons :crossed_swords:
  • There is a LOT of room! (Click banner to show full message)
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How do you change text size?

Try the code provided by rook

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I’m having a slightly different issue with the feature message, it keeps disappearing.
If I try to check settings or edit something else it erases the featured message and I have to do it all again.
UPDATE: others in alliance have attempted to use feature message and we have discovered it is only showing for the person who created it. Also, still disappears shortly afterwards.


Thank you…I see that now that you mention it. And :roll_eyes:

Lots of people don’t know this, but on iOS you can tap and hold the space key and then the space bar turns into a trackpad.
You can move the cursor around easily with this.
I only learned that recently myself.

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Same thing with our alliance.

Thank you, thank you thank you!!! It works! It will make editing so much easier :slight_smile:

Stupid question… how do you do a line break on android??? In game it replaces that buttone with a “done” button on my phone :frowning: Please take pity on the technically challenged :smiley:

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Agreed. As far as I know it’s not possible on Android. It is possible if you copy paste from somewhere else though… News to me. Maybe we need to not use the default keyboard? idk

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I was doing some testing, but wasn’t able to insert a line break in-game. Not using default Android keyboard, nor SwiftKey keyboard:

This key doesn’t work.

Also tried the < br > code, but nothing:

All we can do is some editing and formatting outside the game and then copy - paste.

Lucky android players! When I edit outside of the game (on say notepad for iOS), it never ever lets me have a line break. sob :laughing:

I’m doing something wrong; it didn’t work for me. :confused:

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