Edit team page blank in Raid Tournament and Quest

I’m not able to choose or edit and offensive team in Raid Tournaments or the Shrikewood Quest.

Restarting solved the problem. Thanks for all the (non)help. It was(n’t) a pleasure.

Hi @Tartuca. The forum is basically players just like you and me helping other players on a voluntary basis. So if no one has anything helpful to offer, they are unlikely to comment. Small Giant staff comment on posts sometimes, but that’s not the norm.

If you have issues in future, I’d encourage you to submit a support ticket with Small Giant in addition to posting here, and also to check the support website for the game to see if their are any solutions to the issue you’re experiencing.

I’m glad you figured out how to resolve your problem :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Garanwyn. Sorry for the sarcasm; I do better on RCT.

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No worries. It’s super frustrating when something is going wrong in the game and you can’t get an answer on how to fix it. I know some companies have dedicated CSRs who do chat-bases support. It would be really nice if SG had something like that in the future.

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