Edit how “Your base was attacked by” notification is sent

Countless times I’ve tried to rematch opponents that I just lost to who have not been online for hours just to find: “You cannot attack ___ right now because they are online. Reroll?”

The notification stating “Your base was attacked by ___” should only be sent if you win your raid or lose and reroll/change targets in the watchtower. There’s no need to get a notification that you won a raid, clicking this may stop someone from raiding you again which you may have just won again.

As fluid as the number of cups can be, I think SG tries to notify you of a raid as soon as possible before very much changes in real time. I mean, what if that player raided you, took 50 trophies, and then lost a whole bunch of matches or just decided to cup drop, so when you revenge raid after a delay, you find out that you will only win 4 trophies back, but if you lose, then you’ll lose over 50 again.

I think the current set up is best. Nobody is able to stay connected forever. If revenge means that much to you, they’ll have to go offline eventually. Everybody needs to sleep and even a few have to work.

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As a saltyrunbacker myself, I just ignore those notifications so that others can saltyrunback against me :slight_smile:

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@jking yes, so do I lol

@Mothra but your whole point is revolving around cups. I, and many others I’m sure, couldn’t care less about cups. Plus a small delay (say 10 minutes) wouldn’t allow what you said to happen.

It’s important to point out that this isn’t revenge. If I reroll I can’t come back to try again against opponents in a few hours once they’ve finally gone offline to go take a nap, they’re gone for good.

I will admit you have a good name and display picture though… Mothra is my name as well in a few other games lol


But there are those, who do need the cups for a raid win in whatever arena they are in especially for Path of Valor and especially for those moving frequently between Platinum and Diamond.

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Yes, cups do matter to them, but most people aren’t clicking the notification because they’re eager to defend their cups, they click it because it pops up in front of their face.

Also, them clicking the notification may have just stopped someone from raiding them again who was going to lose again, it’s not a given that they’re going to lose cups.

Reading the correspondence I get the impression the notification should pop up when you are successfully raided. I see no point in notifying when you have won on the defense.
This approach also addresses your concern.


Yes, that’s a good idea. The notification could also pop up after someone failed their raid against you and has rerolled or selected a new target from their watchtower.

I never raid straight away as they would of emptyed there tower out!
Least wait a bit to get better ham n iron

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