Economy of time

A lot of players are having a family, job etc.
Some work more some less, but the most of us have not the time to play this game for years, day after day intensively. Maybe SG could add options to accelerate the game.

  • a button to stop or shorten the animations, which costs a lot of time. If you like them, don’t push the button!
  • additionally or instead of the loot tickets a normal auto farm function.
  • fast raiding. It takes to long until we can send the next row of tiles/troops.
  • Automatic in raids. Don’t ask, I don’t really understand it myself but I’m sure it would be helpful.

Why am I asking? Members leaving the game. They say: I love the alliance but I don’t want to farm/fill chests, level heros for 1000 years…
Maybe we can make this game more enjoyable over a long period of time. Does somebody else has ideas to improve the daily struggle?

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The first request would be awesome if they would do that. Animations are unnecessary, zims is pretty slow and it drives me nuts. Fast mana, slow animation wth lol

The loot tickets are the compromise devs made for your second request. I dont see them going any further than that. If you want more loot tickets, buy them from the store when available.

I don’t know how raiding could be sped up but since most people only fill one raid chest a day that i know of, i dont think raids is the biggest time consumer in the game. Auto wins and losses in a pvp system is a bad idea in my opinion, if someone beats my defense team i feel better knowing i was beat by a person and not the AI

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The AI shouldn’t be good enough to beat you. It’s just that I’m sometimes ok with losing cups and raid flags. That would give me the possibility to lower cups a little and fight against a little weaker players. But this is not the important part of the story. I need members who are happier with the game. It’s not just my alliance. Look at all the complaints in the forum. I’m also in different groups in whatsapp, line and disccord. Words like frustrated, hate, sad, bored, annoyed etc. about the game are daily buisness. This game has it’s fun sites and it’s addictive but it could be more pleasant.

This would be awesome! I love my Drake Fong, but I hate his animation. I wish they were all like Grimm’s

There is an auto farm function. Sure it has to actually play through the level, but that’s easy to activate while I’m cooking dinner, brushing my teeth or just watching tv. It’s two taps every two minutes or so.


I don’t see how this is possible. PVP is already not really PVP (which doesn’t bother me, but it does some people).

Translation: You all are cool, but I don’t like this game.

That’s okay. Not everyone is going to like this game. Not everyone can play the same game for months or years. A lot of gamers whether they’re console, mobile or PC gamers are tourists; they pop in for a visit and move on. If they don’t like playing the game or they’re stricken with gamer wanderlust you’re not going to keep them around.

It isn’t. Almost no AI in any game is good enough to beat a real player without getting some advantages.

I cannot emphasize how strongly I disagree with this. “Cup dropping” is such a cheap tactic. In no way should anyone ever gain any sort of advantage from just giving up and not being competitive. They should be penalized.

That’s not meaningful; every game has people who complain about it. But given the average person’s ignorance/misunderstanding of the concepts of “random,” “probability,” and “sample size” a game of this type is going to have more complaints. I’m not saying the game is perfect or that there aren’t legitimate complaints, but I don’t find “there are a lot of complaints” meaningful evidence of a significant problem in this case.

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The best special animation is Scarlett’s - there essentially isn’t one. Agreed though some of them are too long and big. On Titans for some specials I sometimes find myself trying to look ‘around’ the animation to find the tiles I want to quickly move.

Is a shame as developing those animations takes time.

I know and it’s not enough. No need for two taps 15x every day.

I try to connect tiles, nothing happened. I try to connect tiles for the second time, nothing happened. Sometimes I’m waiting and they move sometimes I try for the third time and nothing happened. After they move, they move slow. Not everyone is bothered by it, but many people are or don’t know it right know.

Could work like auto farming. Why shouldn’t it be possible?

People leaving the game

They liked this game and stayed partially for a year or more. Maybe they could stay longer with less of time wasting elements.

I undestand you. Imagine it like that: You win, gain cups, get stronger opponents, lose the fight and cups. Now you opponents are weaker and yo start to win again. That’s how it is. I just want to do it automatically, sometimes when I don’t want to play or when I don’t have the time. I could use a weak defence, but I don’t like cup dropping myself. The real problem is the p2w situation. People half my level having now double as much heros as I am. I have to fight against their strong money defence and they can break with money through mine. Competitive? No! Look at the ridiculous events. I just want to play in peace, so give me some rest because I want to play but I can’t win without money. Even if one is able to, 10.000 others are not.

Absolutely and i respect the work and like it to see the animations. But after 1000 times Azlar burning down everything I have enough. Just want to enjoy the game with the nice people in it.

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Weakness disgusts me!

You either do the Korean or this game is NOT for you!

Back to the grindfest, fellas

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It’s the purpose of the strong to protect the weak.
People who think otherwise maybe end like Madara

Come play Empires & Puzzles! Use this link and get a head start with a free 10-Day VIP Pass:

The purpose of the weak is to look for the strong. Then learn, adapt, overcome, improve and evolve on their own by following and imitating those, stronger than them. That’s why kingdoms were born and kings were worshiped, that’s why men seek God or another higher power. In the end, there is always somebody better than you who will set an example, but others dealing with your own problems WON’T solve them!


Take example from Japan where the citizens struggle to be the very best of the best, because of how harsh reality is. Those who didn’t build a successful career can’t get married, children compete for A+ marks with other students pulling pure As, stress overwhelms everybody, [
Karōshi happens often.

So and so, if you struggle with the game just do what I do:

Play with alarm, make a schedule.

Pros:You take advantage of the energy to the fullest, day or night, on the bus or during lunch break, there are always at least 15minutes free time on a daily basis for good ol’ game.
Cons: Sleep on the couch. Wife does love the game but waking up two times during the night made her mad for some reason, idk why.

Only psychopaths twist and try to change the world to their own liking, because they are too selfish and disregard others. But if the game was not challenging, you’d just lose interest in it.
Play it = Live it (old school ways). Success = life sacrifices. In games and life itself, you can’t succeed in anything if you are not ready to sacrifice something like your time/work attention/sleep.

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Why doesn’t SG offer customers a fully leveled/ascended, 5* army of 30 chosen heroes, complete with fully leveled 4* troops & 5000 trophies & 24/7/365 raid shielding?

The maps are already completed, of course, as are all buildings & mines.

You can watch an E&P general march your attack teams through maps, quests, AWs and raids on fast-forward;
AI will even kill titans for you to watch at a time for your convenience.

Any takers? It only costs $10 million :smiley:

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Can I watch YOUR game? I’m short $10 million… :wink:

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