Easy ways to level up troops

Tips for leveling up troops fast.

Thank you.

Train 3* and 2* troops in HA, don’t use food on anything else than troops(not the best idea).

Buy a lot of gems. Summon troops. Feed those troops.


Lol Yup fastest possible way. SGG loves impatient players.


Some say you can level fastest with Visa and some say Master.


Best tip I’ve had, and it applies to so many different things, is to stop thinking “fast” matters. It doesn’t. Start thinking in terms of months rather than hours.


Discover using plastic to buy gems.


That’s how you Master the art of leveling troops.

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As many implied, if you want to achieve something fast in this game, the best way is to Master all aspects. I do Visa for same purposes


Seems to be a lot of interest regarding this topic.


Sorry SG, I’m not falling for that trap.

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It’s true, levelling troops fast means spending.

But for info on using HA for levelling troops chech out this thread.

Most interesting to me is that although it is an inefficient use of resources (recruits/iron/ham), HA2 for 1* troops is the most xp/week


Do note HA2 1* troop cost 10 times more ham (even more so if your troops are already high levels) compared to 2 or 3*

2* troop is more “balance” in terms of food cost and time spent waiting

Edit : cost 10 times more ham to feed them

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How do the trainer troops compare to
Other troops?m
In terms of experience given?

True to form. Troops are truly a long term succession of development that the time and articulation of resources requires determination and focus. They sincerely make the game difference to established game play. Good luck!

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How does long it take to get one set of mana troops to level 23?

Regular feeder troops
From 1* to 4*

40, 90, 200, 400

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How many months/ years?


With high octane financial fuel, possibly within an hour.

Otherwise, it can be anything from (maybe) 6 months onwards, depending on your troop summons.

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I don’t pay for troops or ham, and yet my troops are pretty good for someone playing only a year and a half.

Tips: Start mercing small titans (preferably 1*) for food early in the game in order to amass the vast quantities you need for troop leveling. The sooner you start the better, and there is no such thing as too much food (two things I found out pretty late, sadly). Don’t use more than 1 flag per 1* titan, otherwise it’s inefficient. If you can’t kill a 1* that way, either merc together with an alliance member or two, or invest in a couple of weaker alt accounts to help.

*More tips: Recently I found out that you can merc during war without a penalty, it’s preferable to do it after you use all of your six flags. So if you are in an alliance where you can use your 3 remaining War flags at the moment you get them, you can immediately get out of your alliance, go mercing and return before the war ends, and you will get your reward plus your alliance will keep the war points you accumulated (only difference will be that instead of your name it will be written ex-member).

Use 1* feeder troops to level up your 4* mana troops up to level 9-11, afterwards use 2* feeder troops up to level 17-19, and afterwards use a mixture of 2* and 3* feeder troops.

Always reach the edge of the next level before eating a batch of 10 troops. For example, a 4* level 1 mana troop requires 450 xp to upgrade to lvl 2. Feed it 10x 1* troops, that will bring it to 400. Feed it more 1* troop, it will get it to the edge (440 out of 450 xp). And afterwards feed it 10x 1* troops to bring the mana troop to the next level (2).

Always use your spare WE to farm troops and recruits needed for HA troop training- meaning, focus any map level (because you can’t get actual feeder troops from quests, tokens excluded) with lowest possible World Energy (which is sadly 3) which gives optimal recruits. I usually do either S1 6-8 or S1 8-7, that of course changes during Atlantis Rises or Valhalla Forever. This means - don’t waste WE on quests which aren’t giving you unfarmable resources like emblems, gems, mats or gold tokens (yep, I find that even Scavenge Resources is inefficient).

In that sense, make it a priority to uprade the Advanced House to lvl 9 ASAP for more recruits.

Additional way to get more value from your mana troops is to get the Mana talent of the key heroes you want to achieve a tile break. For example, Wilbur (Average) requires level 23 mana troop to charge with 9 tiles instead of 10. If you get him to 20 nodes of emblems (last node is 4% mana node) he will only need a lvl 11 mana troop for the same effect. S1/CF costume bonuses also help a lot (5% mana bonus).