Easy way to create coloured text in chat - help with google sheets / Java

Hi guys,
sorry if this is not the most appropriate section but I didn’t know where to post. I feel quite difficult to type colored text into chat for recruitment, especially if you would like to use many colors.

my idea was to create a spreadsheet which automatically creates the code based on the cell background color.
At the first time i did it on excel using a VBA macro (If you would like me to post the file or the code just let me know) but to use it you need office and a desktop/laptop as i’m not sure macro will work on mobile apps or compatible versions of spreadsheets readers for non microsoft envoirment.

Then i tried to do it on google sheets, which is online and free but i had some problems with some code. my idea was to use a function and it works sometimes, and sometimes my spreadhseet generates some errors, so if there is some java developer or google sheets expert i would like some help with that.

my third option was to use Zoho sheets which is a very similar version of excel but it is online. I managed to create a file which does the job. I could send you the code and the steps to do to create your own version of this file if you want, you just need to create a zoho account, create a spreadsheet with 3 sheets and paste some code in the vba editor. You can share the same file with your friends (or a copy if it’s easier).
It works online and you can use the file from your mobile / tablet (you need zoho sheets app) / mac / linux.

This is the best way i found out to easily create the code, you color the cells, you type the text and you copy the generated code to be pasted in Empires:


If you have other ideas, or other options please let me know!


What about this: https://freespirits.ml/chat_color_tool.php

oh thanks this is also helpful and quite easy to use, sure it’s good to have it in bookmarks…

i guess with it it’s quite complicated to do something like that (i.e. in war):


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