Easy update to make wars more fun and strategic

If you could choose your team position in the war lines instead of random allocation, and just like a real war, you cannot attack a position in the second row until you break through the same position row in front of it, and so on…
Lastly, imagine bonus rewards being based on things like breaking your way through every line to reach the rear.

This would be a very minimal update with potential benefits:
Alliance cohesion- teams strategise around where they place their teams, do the strongest hold the front as sheildwall? do they hold the back as anchor and weaker teams drain the enemy before they get to the anchors?
An added layer of depth- a slightly weaker alliance with better strategy in their defence lineup and strategic decisions in who and where they attack, could beat a stronger alliance.

The chance to add a bonus reward for great teamwork would give alliances more reason to do well and strategise together in wars… The bonus reward could even simply be a point bonus to aid in the win.

Just a basic concept, perhaps there are complications I’m missing but I would see this as potentially easy to do and a lot more of a ‘war’ feeling in alliance wars :slight_smile:

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