EASY PEASY CLAN recruiting

Hi there, we are looking for new alliance members we are all only casual players. We regularly attack 5 star titans but need some more People to move to higher star titans. Our alliance is open to anyone with 1600 cups or more.
Alliance name: EASY PEASY CLAN

We are a friendly group of People. We chat, give advice, but not so much that your ears will fall off. Although we are currently only a small alliance, we rule 4* titans and win some 5*s. Join our friendly alliance today.

If you want to trip titans up aand wack war opponents, join the EASY PEASY CLAN today. You will have a fun time with us.

If you have around 3k TP, you will slot right into the EASY PEASY CLAN. Don’t wait, avoid disappointment, join the EASY PEASY CLAN today.

Although we may seem to be a laid back alliance, we are pasionate about taking titans down. If that is also your passion, join the EASY PEASY CLAN today.

We hate losing wars, thus we throw all that we have at our opponents. If you are passionate about winning wars. Join the EASY PEASY CLAN now.

Don’t wait.

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