Easy come Quickly go!

So we’ve got a middle weight punching Alliance, who have all grown from starting with a dying alliance and then reforming an active and easy going crew. Great mix of gender, age, ability and location. All active, no pressure on wars but encouraged to hit Titans where possible. Always open to new players with 200 trophies or more.
Lately we’ve all been scratching our heads over the amount of players who join and then immediately leave again. No hello, no time to see what’s happening, and certainly couldn’t be put off by our Alliance chat - all the ripe language is saved for Line.
Can anyone shed any light on what this is about?? There seems to be loads of experience of all aspects of the game on this forum - anyone know what’s with this behaviour?
Feeling naive :laughing: cheers…

A couple possibilities:

  • They’re roaming Merck’s looking for rare titans.
  • They’re loners scoping out a new alliance. Maybe reading your featured message, etc.
  • If it’s during war, it may be alt alt of your opponents checking war tank and strategy.

I’m sure there’s more. These are some of the usual things, though.


Open for 200 trophies means your alliance is open to newbies who is still undecided about the game and alliances.


Thanks, one of my team mates suggested that it might be someone from an opposing war team. I also thought the same re mercs - do you think mercs are looking to join an alliance to get higher Titan hits than the current players? Why would they join and then head out so quickly, do you think??

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To check the time on their flags

When not in an alliance, you can’t see the timer on your titan flags

So a lot will find random open low cup alliance to hop in, see flag count/timer, and hop out

Whatever alliance comes up when openin alliance search typically

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@Rigs - yes, that makes sense…
Thanks. So not really anything significant, just a means to an end for solo players?

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New on here, which is ridiculous after playing the game for a while, but just checking - the pen icon by @zephyr1, was that you moving my post to a more appropriate location?? :grin:


Welcome to the Forum, @Bitty!

And yes, I moved your post into #gameplay-help-tactics :slightly_smiling_face:

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@zephyr1 thank you! :pray:t2:

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