Easter event

Hello, I am a very active player, and as I tell you the things that I do not like, I also like to say the things that I do like too and …


It shows a great job and is reflected in the result!


That there are two levels is great!

Good job!!


Haha, wanted to write the exact same thing, too :wink:

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I wish the eggs had symbols, like gems.

I am red-green colorblind and so far the game in general has been colorblind-friendly.

This event is not.


Yes, I am quite pleased with the event and the fact they have brought back daily special offers. I also appreciate that the bunny heroes are part of the regular epic summon so that people can use tokens to get them.

Duh, i only notice now the cherry trees.

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I still can’t tell the difference between green and yellow diamonds, also the eggs do have little symbols on them

Just a thought, why isnt the 3* rabbit not also in the dayli summon? @Petri

Because he is an event hero.
Last year they took away elemental summons for event summons, so at least some improvement tbis year

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I know its an event hero, but its a rare to and dayli summon got up to rare. So was just thinking why isnt the rabbit not also there. And its the only event hero there is 3* (ever made yet)

I think the answer is that event heros will never be with freebies no matter their * level

Was I the only one to scroll to the end of that rainbow & tapping the screen trying to find something? I legit expected some hidden treasure to pop up :smiley:


I enjoy the gameplay well enough; I just wish that it required more energy to play.

500-600 energy just isn’t enough. Not for a shield.

You would have loved beta, lot less rewards and a lot more energy required


I was in the beta. Unlimited energy makes it a lot more fun.

True, but did you like the energy requirements better? ( putting aside unlimited energy)

I agree with you. I love it. It is very fun and nice. Keep doing a good job. Happy Easter!!!

Eggs are a bit BS, was said in beta that they will fix them spawning 5-6 times on a board, but every game I play I still get a shitton of them

And I do not have a special offer to do

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I have had 8 several times on the board…I think I shared this in the beta forum with you as well haha

Love the inventiveness and the art in the event and like the egg concept.

I don’t like the energy cost. For the same energy you can get better quantity / combination of items, monsters, recruits, heroes and troops by just farming.

So really it boils down to needing to spend energy (and sacrifice efficiency in levelling your heroes) for a bit of ‘fun’ on the side. Really I’d prefer if you’re going to introduce something as a bit of fun to keep the player base amused, I’d prefer it didn’t boil down to a choice between event and your rate of progression.

I’m kinda ambivalent about whether I’ll try finish the Advanced mode for this reason. (I may have decided to push for the Sturdy shield if I didn’t already have 8 of them and no worthwhile heroes to spend 'em on)… but as thing stand (and due to the fact that I’ll likely need battle items for the latter stages which makes the rewards an absolute joke) I’ll probably end up skipping them.
And Why make the energy cost so high? It’s not like any of the rewards are super-rare (except for the Sturdy shield). Making cheaper participation (i.e. more inclusive) really will not break the in-game economy.

Anyhow… quite common for this game… give with one hand and take with the other. Can’t have our players be too fat and happy, now, can we?

To end on a positive… still love the artwork and the atmosphere and the concept.


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