Easter eggs

I noticed the birds will fall out of the sky when you tap them.

Are there any other Easter Eggs in the game?

the people wave at you

Tap the people. They stop and wave

That is cool.

Wish they did something with the dragon that flies around

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You can take it down, if you catch it right when it enters the right side of the screen and tap it til your finger’s about to fall off!

But it doesn’t give you anything for the effort…I wish the birds and the dragon would drop something once in a while…that would be cool!

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Sometimes the seasonal events have stuff on your base that you can interact with…the pumpkins at Halloween, and the snowmen and Christmas tree during Christmas event.

That is cool as well.

You are right, it would be great if 1% of the time, the birds would drop 1 gem. Dragon 5%.

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There’s even a thread for that

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Rumors say that if you tap 1000 times on Kadilen she start twerk :face_with_monocle:


Tap the dragon 50 times…fast

During the Christmas event, the dragon was replaced by Santa and his sleigh - you could tap on him and bring him down if you’re fast enough.

Also beach balls, last summer.

:man_facepalming: My gosh, I spend too much time on this game

Got his *ss!

Didn’t know that was a thing.

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20 twerks err charz

Easter eggs

Takes me 100 taps as of 4 Oct 2019.