Easter Egg?

Not sure of the exact rules but if you hit the summer event beach balls in a certain order a bonus of 500 gems is released. Earned when I was randomly bouncing them.

Yeah riiiiiiiiiiight


We’ve been trying that all day :yum::yum::yum:

Anyway, it only works if you shoot all the geese first

To show how observant I am, I didn’t even notice the beach balls til I read this post…:joy::joy::joy:


To show you how observant I am, I still don’t see them :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for my guaranteed HOTM pull after boping those snowmen in counter-clockwise order during the winter event. :wink:

I got a 1,000… You have to bounce them while also sitting on one…

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I thought you only got 1,000 if you tap the VIP dragon first. . .

That is a common misconception, but that would only be for the 750 gems easter egg, not the 1,000. Try bouncing the balls in reverse order if you really want to get your socks blown away…
You can find the correct order HERE…


Gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed this wasn’t a rickroll link




I tried it over and over again, but got nothing.
Then, I noticed if I bounced the balls when a villager walked past, makes sense in hind sight, I finally I got the results I expected.

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lol. the click counter was a nice touch

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Got me to click it. Jerk



Guys, you just crack me up! :rofl:

Nice post to a Youtube music video. Just got Rick rolled. Don’t be like me.

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