Easter Egg?!- Epic Troop Token in Recruits II ?!

thoth amon

Hmm, I use:

Melendor or LiXiu (depending)

I did not find it overly difficult (but of course could not play it on auto). :wink:

It took some bombs and axes, but I finally managed to beat the last stage for the first time at just around 2900. Wu/Rigard/Boril/Kadilen/Kelile.


Oh…not sayin it was hard. Was more funny than anything. I got slapped pretty hard. It was like the game said…hehehehe…watch this…you get no good tile matches…and we’re gonna beat the crap outta ya. Oh…and no green for your healer either lol

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if only you could bring items to help with that… :wink:


Again there is an Easter Egg in RecruitsII…

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Yes … just take a look at the topic about troop coins in recruits II events:

Thanks for the heads up!

And would you know it, I got an epic troop token from the third mission again. And so did someone else in our alliance.

4 April - today is a token day.

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April 18th, missing token.

Edit: @rometotalw, prefer not to mention when not present then?
I was thinking it would help people :wink:

Now I rushed to do it, I didn’t check the date of this post :frowning:

May 10th, no token present.


Tanks for the Info, @HarryDeB. So we can focus on the pirates :slight_smile:

May, 26th: again no token :-/

Do not think its true

Happened to me and members of the alliance two cycles ago, but not since!

today, there is a troop token here

no epic troop token today :hushed:

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Better thread

Please see Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token log - 50% of chance of universal token drop per spawn - March 10/11 = YES

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