Easter Egg?!- Epic Troop Token in Recruits II ?!

Wait a second…does troops II always give the troop token (or any token)? I recalled getting one on a quest a while back but didn’t know it was isolated to this one…off to do it now…

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Not always

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Interesting - I just finished it and got one. Is this possible in all uncommon and rare quests? I have not been really doing them unless I need it as I have been farming 20-4 for the experience…

All I know is I got an epic Troop token on this one. Makes me want to do the rest! :grin:

I have been doing uncommon crafting and all rare quests and I think this is the only one that I have gotten a gold (epic or troop) token on.

The uncommon quest that gives the raid flask is the one that also had a hidden reward atbthe flask was hidden the 1st go round, but I believe listed all others.
Spg confirmed that they will sometimes add hidden rewards. I couldn’t get them to say anything further despite a few attempts


Ok, so message is: do all uncommon and rare quests. Received.

I wouldn’t say that. This far recruits II is the only one dropping a hidden reward on a semi regular basis (was 50% early on, notbsure if that still holds as it was aboit 4 runs in)

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Got epic troop token today too. never not get 1 from find recruit 2. Seems the drop rate is quite high.

I got another one yesterday as well. That’s 3 in a row (knocks on wood).

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Picked up my first 4* troop today because of that token!


Again Find Recriuts II seem to be special… :-))

saw this thread and wouldn’t ya know…troop 2 quest available.

breezed through the first 2

got wrecked on the third…and my team is 3400 power…LMAOOOOOOO


What team did you use?

He doesn’t know, he was playing with his eyes closed apparently.

Nah, I also thought it was a little tougher than normal too.

thoth amon

Hmm, I use:

Melendor or LiXiu (depending)

I did not find it overly difficult (but of course could not play it on auto). :wink:

It took some bombs and axes, but I finally managed to beat the last stage for the first time at just around 2900. Wu/Rigard/Boril/Kadilen/Kelile.


Oh…not sayin it was hard. Was more funny than anything. I got slapped pretty hard. It was like the game said…hehehehe…watch this…you get no good tile matches…and we’re gonna beat the crap outta ya. Oh…and no green for your healer either lol

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if only you could bring items to help with that… :wink:


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