East of the equator

Cooperative war style - All win or all dead :wink:

Come join a cooperative, fun, and competitive alliance. You won’t regret it

Vacant spot still going … highly recommended alliance with a well run, efficient leadership & strong, friendly teamwork

We have a library of tips and info, check that out before you join if you like

East of the Equator come make it your new home cause there’s know place like East of the Equator

We are a great group who really work well as a team. If you are looking for a crew who look out for each other and all work together to get ahead, then come check us out.

Aand still a bit of space left, come talk to us on Discord

Currently chaining 11* titans. Help us fill our alliance and take down 12* titans.

Come and see what all the fun is about.

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We’re still not full. Can we have s’mores?

Just won another war, could use 2 more players

Still 2 spots open come on in

Come and join this bunch of winners

Another war won and another titan down

https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR. Just hit the link and your there

This clan is great!!! 2 rare spots open!

Come join. You will like it here.

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