East of the Equator is recruiting

We are still recruiting!

Just check in with us, you’ll be glad you did, fun filled and drama free

Thanks quinn, I had to think about that one for a min.

We still have a few openings, dont miss out

Only a few spots left. Come on over to see what your missing!

We are still recruiting!

We are still recruiting!

We are still recruiting!

Stop by to join, discuss tactics, or just say hello.

We will win this war, I just know we will, we must we must

We won, we won, another clan bites the dust

Discord code a5vxjK6SaA. Stop by and say hello

Won another war and opened another war chest. Now is a great time to head over so you get in on our next war chest.

Great international group of people who are there to make the game fun, even when the boards try to get you down.

2200 cups. Hitting 11* titans
We have room for up to 5 players

Stop by our discord server to see what we are about

Or you can hit me up on line @mobilenorth1

Just hit the link above and see what you are missing

We are still recruiting!

We have room for you and your friends! Come join the Equator Family!

The link to join is ^ ,right up there

If your looking for a team that uses all their flags in war and on titans, thus is the one for you.

We are still recruiting!


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