East of the Equator is recruiting

Looking to find your way in E&P?

Come find paradise at the Equator.

East of the Equator [a member of the Equator Alliances] is recruiting and looking for up to 5 players.

If you:
– are over the age of 18
– enjoy a drama-free group of international players
– have more than 2200 cups
– have fun hitting titans [we are currently on 11* titans, but looking to increase
that when full]
– will use all 6 of your wars flags if you choose to opt in
– will communicate via Discord

Then east of the equator is the place for you.

Stop by and say hello at

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I’ve joined several Alliances before settling into this one. It has by far the most amount of active players and best resources (experienced players who promptly and thoughtfully answer any questions). Come check us out :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!!!

We have an extensive library of in game tips and a very very helpful team players to aid with game advice if needed. At least come check out our library and chat awhile.

Still recruiting, come say hi!

Fun group of players, but they never laugh at my awful jokes. Enter at your own risk…

Yes we do, but later, much much later

What jokes . . . o.o

Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?

because they are hidden

Yes, still looking for a few additions to the crew.

Still recruiting, come say hi!

Just chiming in that you guys have a great name! It goes against itself, contradictory, etc. Kind of like a solar powered oil refinery :smile:
Good luck guys!

Thanks Palms, you can always sign up for our knowledge seekers and have access to some of our discord channels

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Definitely, the link through OP is expired though. Got something more current?

Equator Alliances is the new link
Which is now updated in the original post

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Still recruiting! Come check us out!

We are a very happy place, stop by and chat awhile

Still recruiting, come say hi!

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Just won another war
Stop over to say hello, talk about undead horde, or discuss joining us
We have room for up to 5 players