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Won another war with 100% participation from all 29 members. If you are looking for an active, supportive alliance; come find on us discord.


Do you squish spiders or set them free? Guess what we’re going to do with this beauty! Bring your rolled-up newspaper! https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR


:sunglasses: https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR :sunglasses:


We just defeated our first 11* titan! But we wouldn’t say no to help with the next one! Apply now at https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR and make our great alliance complete! One team spot remaining!


We have three team slots open! Hit https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR to apply and join our awesome team! :sunglasses:


Come on in and join the fun, its gets a little crazy in here sometimes


We also offer one one one coaching




What you waiting for dive on in.


They ain’t lying! Wanna have fun, be competitive and learn about worldly things like irn bru and blind squirrels… then come check us out. Oh, mention goats for bonus points… it’s exactly how it sounds.


Looking for a new alliance? Due to retirements/real life commitments, we have five team spots available! If you can meet the following criteria we’d love to hear from you:

  • 2000 cups minimum
  • Active daily
  • Use all flags in wars
  • Friendly and a team player (you’re not required to talk our ears off! But you can if you like!)
  • Attack each titan
  • Grow your teams and make reasonable progress
  • Aged 18 or above

We don’t expect you to spend money or set alarms, and we know real life comes first! But if you’re committed to success and want to have fun along the way, then look no further! But hurry–those spots won’t stay open for long!

And if you’re not on the lookout for an alliance at the present time, we’re happy to share our library of information with you!

Apply to our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR



Space filling up fast. Hurry up and apply







Proud Team Leader of East of the Equator stopping by to say hello!
I say proud, because I an truly fortunate in being part of this unique and exceptional group of players. There is really no better place to play Empires & Puzzles! With us you get to play - as in the real meaning of the word

“engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose”

while still being able to:

  • grow your team (with the outstanding advice found within this alliance, at a much faster rate!)
  • defeat titans bigger than is the norm for alliance’s of our size
  • win wars, most often agsinst stronger opponents

See the pattern? While we strive to be fun & social, we’ve also found the formula for effortless success in this game!

Improving and succeeding in E&P is actually easy & fun with a team like this!

Serious about wanting to have fun playing Empires & Puzzles? Come chat w us on our Discord Server & find out if we’re the clan for you!

Just click on the box below!

Garnet Velvet


Can’t get any better than that (hear hear)