Easier visible information, statistics, battery

first sorry for my english.

I have few ideas to improve game:
1)optional - show numerical info above each building,how many food,iron,heroes is ready to collect
2)show, without need to click on each player (in alliance member list or war field), actual team power. Especially in war, when I’m deciding which opponent to attack. Now it is visible only after clicking on each team.
3)show directly (not after click - show some icon - arrow), which hero in roster shoud be upgraded (only if I have enough resources) or on which I can use emblems (only if I have enough resources - food,iron,emblems)
4)option to hide fully upgraded heroes in roster, and even if I have not enough resources to use emblems on them
5)show directly in forge item list(not only after selecting each item),which item I can produce and how many times (if I have enough resources for that item)

summary, show/hide (optional setting) as much as possible information directly, on item lists,roster,city plan…not only after clicking on each thing. It will save our time!

6)More and different statistic in the hero info. There are unusefull (I think) informations like last titan strike,… I missed more interesting, for example,how much time I spend playing this game,how much fights I win or loose in each mission (province,stage,season),how many raids I lose,how many resources I got or spend,…I thing,you have (log) all this stats. Show them for us…Comperison between player should be interesting too

7)Please decrease battery usage!

Many thanks

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