Easier to get world,raid, and alliance attack cretits

I wish there were more ways to get attack credits. It would be nice if there were special quests we could do to earn additional credits.

Energy flasks are occasionally offered as loot in various quests, and you’ll get the occasional one in Wanted chests or Titan loot. But these are very rare items, particularly Alliance flasks. Their shortage definitely affects game play; for good or ill, I’m not sure.

I know we get those items occasionally but it nearly never happens. I’d like there be missions in the quest tab that allows us to earn attack credits a little more frequently or possibly have a quest with 20 missions but have 3 different difficulties to choose from just like with the 1 that just ended but our reward would be attack credits or maybe allow us to have additional attack credits for a period of time instead of just the 10

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