Easier hero selection

Hi everyone,

I just arrived near the border of 100 spaces in my hero roster. Lately I have noticed that whenever I’m selecting a team for an attack/event… I lose most of my time scrolling through all heroes. I like them organised by colour, which means I need to scroll even more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a selection button on top to only show:

  • only 3* heroes and higher
  • only 4* heroes and higher
  • only 5* heroes

This way we don’t have to scroll through all feeder heroes you never use to play with anyway.

I’m kind of curious whether I’m the only one who’s regularly annoyed by this.

Kind regards.

Wait till you get to 300 hero capacity. LOL

EDIT: I’ve seen YouTube videos where players get to a specific hero by filtering or sorting them by name as those heroes not belonging in any team are supposed to be in alphabetical order based on the heroes’ names.

Yes it would be nice to have a simple filter and more options such as mana speed

I second that… Plus I don’t want to see heroes in my teams on top. I’m always scrolling heroes roster up and down, because I don’t remember if a specific hero is in one of my teams or not. This is annoying.

I super agree…
Here is similiar idea: NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups - BETA UPDATE POST #42

Thanks for pointing me to that topic. That is exactly what i would like!

I use the default sort by power, and it’s never been an issue.

My best heroes are usually in one of the fixed teams (I have Defense, Attack, and one for each titan color except blue), and whoever is not in a team but I use frequently is emblemed, so they all appear right after the teams section, precisely in a 5*, 4*, 3* order (few exceptions where an emblemed 4* is more powerful than some 5*).

I’m currently at 180 hero slots.

That being said, I voted up, since any QoL improvement is welcome!

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