Easier Farming - Level Mastery

I get loot tickets are a way to monetize the game but the farming redundancy is killing my motivation. I suggest something called ‘Level Mastery’ once you complete a particular level say 250 times you unlock an auto play mode that auto-plays 5x or instantly to complete.

Boring 8-7 will much faster and people will still use loot tickets on higher levels (better loot) that cannot be completed reliably on auto-play.

Exactly, I’d never use looties for those easypeasy levels.

Would be nice being able to skip auto on levels, where every strong tile kills a mob dude or where you can auto with non leveled epics.

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It would certainly be better for my marriage! Even the “auto” farming doesn’t always go over well :rofl:


Just linking two threads that had closely related discussions and ideas:

Just imagine a 5x ultra fast farming mode + the Benny Hill theme as background music.

I like the OP’s idea tbh :slight_smile:


The most important point for me is here, that you don’t need an item to skip easy levels. Loot tickets cannot even be crafted. I am also bored to autofarm the same levels again and again. My loot tickets are too rare to waste them on 95% of the levels.
I really would appreciate if SG could consider to give us an easy way to get rid of WE…as you don’t have adds that pop-up automatically (which would bring money into the cash) there should not be any disadvantage for them…

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