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I did a brief search and didn’t see anything that matched this, so I am posting a new topic.

Problem: With the game having 4 seasons, 4 seasonals, and 6 (soon to be 7) events, hero capacity given by level-ups is becoming insufficient to house all the heroes. While I understand that more slots can be purchased in the shop, this does not help the entire player base and the cost gets steeper as you buy more.

Offered solutions: I suggest that increased hero capacity be an earnable item. The following are a couple of ideas.

  1. Add a +2 capacity to the end of Path of Valor. While slow(valor has a 50+ day cooldown essentially), it offers players the ability to get more space for being active. The more active a player, the more likely they are to spend.
  2. Add a chance at +1 or +2 capacity as a reward for tournaments and NT. Top 1% has a 75% chance at +1 and 25% chance at +2. top 5= 80/20, 1/2. top 10= 85/15, 1/2. and so on. There could even be a 0% chance like they do with reset emblems (50% +0, 40% +1, 10% +2)
  3. Add a reward to event tiers.
  4. Chance to get from war, war chest, titan, etc.

Idea courtesy of an alliance mate of mine, LW.

Nice idea this is one issue Iv seen over many platforms of the e&p coummity. is roster space,
One thing I feel strongly about bring out 50+ new hero’s in 2020, and expect the roster space to be the same.
Give us something.


Makes sense to me.



You have my vote, but I was always wondering Why they don’t just give us 5-10 slots when new season was introduced. We all know we need them and SG sure expecting everyone to summon. SG can think a little more about “customer service”. Giving away a little will not kill them imo


I totally agree. Something definitely needs to be done about the roster space.

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Other ideas:

a) Trainer heroes, since they are food anyway allow them to use 1 space per kind of hero… I mean 3⭐️ Red trainer hero X times;

a) Create some sort of vault space where we can keep extra heroes of any kind, dupes, trainers, etc.;

c) give us a good reason to keep dupes, actually been able to retrain several 5⭐️ would help in te Academy.

I don’t know. Might be the alcohol talking and not me.


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