🧪 Early Information on Valhalla Forever [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

I’m I wrong or where odds for featured Heroes in VF 0.10% ? Same as every other hero in VF.

You are correct. The featured hero chance is 0.1% / each featured hero (0.3% for 3 heroes), while the non featured Season 3 five star hero chance is 0.0928% / hero (1.3% for 14 heroes).

So they are almost identical.

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Take it with loot staying the same your not collecting any data on it.

Any clue what the best level to farm during VF? It’s 8-7 for S1, 15-9 for S2. For S3?

I knew they would find a way to mess this one up, knew it was too good to be true. These guys are gonna break the game, everyone be ready for another rash of veteran players quitting. I’m sure the SG apologist will say who cares about veteran players, but veteran players stop paying and quit because of frustrations with the way the game is run not because of lack of money.

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None, you won’t get better loot.

Yes, we will not get a better loot, but the WE cost is reduced with 3.
I know that Barry’s Farm Guide already contains the best levels to farm Valhalla levels, but I am not sure does it contain any information with the reduced flag cost.

Well… Technically you will get better loot per flag in S3 compared to normal… Just by virtue of costing 3 less WE flags per stage.

However I agree that, from a farming perspective, people are better off saving their energy flasks and tickets for Atlantis.

My personal advice is to spend Valhalla Forever:

  1. farming avatar missions

  2. progressing the story mode.

If you do have spare WE, target the stage which has “increased chances” for the item you desire. Find it by tapping on the item in your inventory and reading the tooltip.

Farming for Midgard Gnomes isn’t as efficient or as effective as farming for Atlantis Seadragons because:

  1. there’s a limit of 20 per day (accumulative)
  2. they don’t only drop Valhalla Coins but can also drop Emblems or resource bundles instead.
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