🧪 Early Information on Updated Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Yeah, true, and the special does nothing it seems when both flanks are dead. So Jabberwock won’t be Raid defense material, but he is very good nonetheless.

I’m not sure what you meant by that.

If it’s:

Alive Wing - Dead Flank - Tank - Dead Flank - Alive Wing

Then the wings would be hit.

If it’s:

Dead Wing - Alive Flank - Tank - Alive Flank - Dead Wing

Then the flanks would be hit.

Jabberwock hits the outermost enemies of the enemy formation that are alive. Dead enemies won’t cause the Special to do nothing.


Moderator’s Note

The Small Giant Staff have announced the November and December Challenge Event schedule: Sneak Peek & Schedule Changes for Challenge Events & Atlantis Rises in Nov/Dec 2019

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I think I need that Pulverizing white rabbit.
And Jabberwock
And the stupid bear, too, while I’m at it.


Is there somewhere a picture with the levels and the opponents like for Pirates and does anybody knows which color will be reflected?

The reflect colour is green. Since this will be an updated version of the challenge, the final infographic hasn’t been released yet. Refer to this link for the previous version (and for all challenge events): 🌟 Memento 5 Events


thx for the info :slight_smile:

HOLY ■■■■!!! THAT JABBERWOCK ART IS SO ■■■■■■■ COOL!!! sorry for my language and outburst… but DAAYYUUUMMM!!!


Hello there. This is my first post because I needed to say something about new riddles of wonderland heroes.

Is it me only thinking that getting all 5* heroes of wonderland makes an ultimate defens team?

Queen and hatter are avarage and with 23 lvl mana troops and +12 mana bonus, they become fast heroes (8 tiles to fill mana) and with only 1 lvl mana troops Alice, Rabbit and Jabber will be like very fast (7 tiles to fill mana). And also all have got +20 critical :scream:

Imagine a team, in the middle fast paladin tank queen.
Next to her a fast Hatter which steals your buffs, and a very fast Alice which decreases your attack, and in the corners very fast Rabbit which decreases your defense and Jabber which hits really hard.

And also they all will have +20 % crit bonus. 4 of 5 also can be talented because only two of them are in the same class. You will have two clerics, a monk, a rogue and a paladin. And again all of them are different color.

I think this team will be overpowered and money players will get a huge advantage.

I do not think I am wrong, but If you can tell me and prove me I am wrong, I will be relieved :relieved:. I also spend money time to time, but it is a fair money and it keeps me very alive but I can see that only vip players is not very behind the pay to win players. This is one reason that I and a lot of people continue to play and I don’t want it to be ruined.

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Hi, have a question regarding Rabbit… its 280% to the target and nearby enemies… so the defence debuff applies to all 3, right? Thanks!

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No, only the target gets the defense debuff.


is there already an image of the updated wonderland event?

Well, there’s this:

20 …


So if Finley is to Pirates…

Then who is the must have hero being chased in Wondy?

Wabbit I suppose?

No, it’s the dark dragon

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Jabs is excellent and I prefer him myself but there’s absolutely no defence downs in yellow so…

From what beta testers are saying… the family bonus things work great on offence and not so well on defense. Look at as if a player aquires a “whole family” (that’s a lot of money or luck) it’ll probably be used in war on offence or questing. There is not a lot of synergy for defense.

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I think that the jabberwocky is going to be astounding against titans.
I really want him.

Why morlovia has 0.6% chance of legendary Event 5* and 0.9% chance of classic 5*
And riddled of wonderland 1% and 1.5%?

Are the new events going to have better chances?

I have 300 gems and that slight increase of the chances makes me consider waiting to the 13th of November…

Is that ok?

Because Challenge Events and Seasonal Events have always had different Summons Appearance Rates.