🧪 Early Information on Updated Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Quick request. When you update could you link back to the top if possible? I’m quite a ways in on mobile and its not as fast scrolling back to check new info as when I’m on pc.
If it’s been asked already sorry and many thanks for letting us normal folk see what’s going on in beta.

Easy way of going back to the top is to tap the X/X Box in the bottom right corner.

Then you can scroll to Top/ enter #1/x

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I’ve read through and it looks like another hard final stage in legendary from New heroes. Looking at white rabbit, are there any s1 heroes or s2 4 other than wilbur that can combat that skill since healing just keeps it going. That looks like an insane skill you’re hurt and if you heal you stay with weakened defenses. Suggestions how to fight this not in raids so much as that big final battle we know a thread will be coming from like “boss wonderland is too hard”? I’m hoping to remove Alice with mitsuko and it was easy last time but the new heroes look like at 6000 hp they’ll be tough together.

Thanks I just did that and realized I could jump to top. Was going to remove after I posted my other post.

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like when I first started (some 17 months ago) the Legendary challenge tier used to give you a 4* AM for completion. Am I making that up?

Anyone got the updated stages map? Wanna take emblems from Kage and put them on 3 Namahages :thinking:

Someone asks that pretty much every month.

As far as I know, there was never a 4* mat for Legendary completion, but I only started playing 16 months ago, so it’s possible there was one before that.

Yes, but it won’t be published until after the event goes live.

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Thank you! But it still reflects green? I might just wait until i see them before stripping emblems of Kage! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep! It’s still reflect green, the reflection colors haven’t changed for any of Challenge Events.


lol, sorry for the re-ask :wink: thank you for the quick reply and clarification, much appreciated! I’m sure it was always that way :slightly_smiling_face:

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Green… It will be amusing to try with LJ, even so. I don’t see other way to beat epic with only 4* classic heroes. And there will be plenty of threads and posts, some complaining, some asking for help. For legendary is easier, you take 5 time stops and you get the completion bonus reward. But at epic, if these bosses start to fire too early and too often, you’re doomed. Let’s not forget the healing in here works great for bosses and bad for you, as attacker. It will be very difficult for those with classic rosters mostly, new players and f2p players. And like this trouble with the healing is not enough, like I said, the most important classic here is LJ. A green one. What a challenge…


Is there any topic that shows all the appearance rate. Atlantis, Seasonal and Challenges?

I don’t think there’s one with all of them in one place, but they’re not too hard to find with the Forum search:

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I’m doing legendary first like usual but this white rabbit skill looks like trouble. It wasn’t bad before but I hope I can do it this time. And the funny thing is I have lj in my alt and he’s maxed but here he’s not in my main. I have all the classic 4s to for epic maybe I’ll sneak Peters in for the last stage. Just keep him alive until the bosses.

Hi, where can we find the updated stages map of Riddles of Wonderland since the event is live?


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It’ll be posted in 🍵 New Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results and 🌟 Memento Challenge Events as soon as Mariamne puts it live.


Updated done …